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What's a basic routine for keeping your nails in good condition then?

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ufool Wed 07-Jan-09 21:07:48

Until 6 months ago my nails received no attention at all and were always ragged and uneven.

Then I took steps....and once a week ever since I've been filing them lightly to give them a natural rounded shape and putting on a coat of clear varnish. Then the next week, I remove the varnish and start again.

They look better than they did, but are very weak and flaky (which wasn't an issue before) They seem to be peeling, i.e. the nail is splitting into layers. Is this because of the nail polish remover?

Also the cuticles are very thick and ugly, but whatever I do to them just seems to make it worse, if I push them back they get all ragged.

I was wondering is there's some sort of natural buffing you can do instead of the varnish?

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