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are boden sizes small? i got dd a knitted dress 18-24months,and it way too small, just wondering what size to order

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lovelysongbirdie Mon 05-Jan-09 14:28:41

shes 18 mnths and pretty tall

just wondering if i ordered anything else from there what size i should go for 2-3 years or 3-4 years, which sounds a bit ridiculas for an 18month old.

what do you think ?

pgwithnumber3 Mon 05-Jan-09 14:54:01

I would go for age 2-3, I find some of their stuff runs small!

Hope your okay. Just going to pick DD1 up from school so will catch you tonight when I am scoffing my Ben & Jerrys! blush

wools Mon 05-Jan-09 15:01:20

I bought my dd a knitted dress and it's a bit big - I would say she is a very average size for her age. The trousers are all a bit long for her too. She is 26 months and 18-24 is just about okay now. However, some of the t-shirts are quite a snug fit so it doesn't always follow. Sorry that's probably not much help.

MrsSeanBean Mon 05-Jan-09 15:02:14

Boy's stuff seems true to size and sometimes on the generous side.

lovelysongbirdie Mon 05-Jan-09 15:13:14

yea i'm ok thanks pg, catch up with you latersmile

well the smallest out fit my dd has, and still fits is 9-12 months top and sticky out skirt.
from next.
yet the boden 18-24 months is too short

its a nightmare buying kids clothes!

CantSleepWontSleep Mon 05-Jan-09 15:27:20

Boden girls' stuff is tiny IME, except for trouser lengths. I would prob go for 2-3 in most stuff, but maybe 3-4 in dresses on the basis that she can always grow into it if it's a bit big.

lovelysongbirdie Mon 05-Jan-09 15:32:38

thanks can't sleep smile
im thinking of ordering the big button dress

Divineintervention Mon 05-Jan-09 15:38:32

my dd 26 months wears 3-4, and my dss 5 & 6 wear the right size...although it's a little to long.

CantSleepWontSleep Mon 05-Jan-09 15:40:10

Well I guess it could depend on which colour you like, as the pink is only avail in 2-3.

I like the green best, but it's oos.

lovelysongbirdie Mon 05-Jan-09 16:26:00

cn't sleep i like the blue onesmile

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