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Would these shoes look ok with jeans?

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leoleosuperstar Thu 01-Jan-09 14:40:15

I want to get some casual shoes to go with jeans with a smallish heel.
Are these ok or geeky?

soopermum1 Thu 01-Jan-09 14:41:48

hhm, not really my cup of tea, would depend on the jeans i think, would have to be slim leg.

LiffeyValleyOfTheDolls Thu 01-Jan-09 14:42:11

That's exactly the kind of shoe I wear with jeans, casual, but with a bit of a heel so that you can wear your jeans a tiny bit longer than you could get away with with flats.

So I say ok and definitely not geeky or that would make me a geek too.

leoleosuperstar Thu 01-Jan-09 14:43:27

I need the extra height.
Liffey - what type of jeans do you wear?

cocolepew Thu 01-Jan-09 14:43:41

As long as your jeans aren't too short.

sharkyandgeorge Thu 01-Jan-09 14:44:15

I quite like them, you would have to wear them barefoot though, they'd look awful with socks.

themoon66 Thu 01-Jan-09 14:45:16

I think they look nice and not at all geeky. Both colours would look good with jeans. The white would be best for summer.

Oh.... get both!

whoingodsnameami Thu 01-Jan-09 14:45:38

They are fine, as long as your jeans are long enough {almost touching the floor}

mosschops30 Thu 01-Jan-09 14:47:26

Horrible IMHO, and shoes with jeans should only be high, or completely flat with boyfriend type jeans.

These remind me of some hippy RE teacher with coffee breath and drives acitroen 2CV, sorry smile

higgle Thu 01-Jan-09 15:12:58

I think they look cheap, the white ones look the c word and the brown ones look dull. Sorry.

Heated Thu 01-Jan-09 15:23:58

agree with themoon

Miyazaki Thu 01-Jan-09 15:34:42

i don't think they would look ok with anything.

mrsmaidamess Thu 01-Jan-09 15:35:23

They are skirt shoes.

LiffeySaysHappyNewYear Thu 01-Jan-09 16:03:02

I think wedges look quite frumpy with skirts. Well, I'm quite short, so on me they do.

NomDePlume Thu 01-Jan-09 16:05:27

They'd be fine with a 70's style flare. Embrace the hippy vibe

leoleosuperstar Thu 01-Jan-09 23:56:39

Oh I really wanted to wear them with my ankle swinging jeans and my white sports socks with red and blue stripes around the top.. (Just kidding.)
Ok I think I mighyt buy them and try them on with my jeans and see what they look like in RL.
Really need something to go with jeans that have a day time feel to them that are not pumps. Want to wear a small heel to stop me looking so 'dumpy'.
I agree that wedges with a skirt can make you look as though your feet are in blocks of concrete.
Thank you ladies.

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