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False eyelash question

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Holymoly321 Mon 29-Dec-08 10:20:20

Do I put on eye shadow and eye liner first or after applying the fake lashes? Also do I put on mascara too?

Lulumamaloveslatkes Mon 29-Dec-08 10:22:26

i put the liner on after to hide the join and a coat of mascara, sort of blends it all together. you probably aren;t suppose to put mascara on though

Holymoly321 Mon 29-Dec-08 10:42:09

what about eye shadow? before or after lulu?

Lulumamaloveslatkes Mon 29-Dec-08 12:26:03

eyeshadow first for me ! am not an expert though, but i will be wearing them again new years eve

mrsmaidamess Mon 29-Dec-08 12:27:46

Eyeshadow first and eyeliner.

Then eyeliner after too.

lou33 Mon 29-Dec-08 12:28:32

what maidamess said

Holymoly321 Mon 29-Dec-08 16:37:29

mucho gracias senoritas x

Holymoly321 Mon 29-Dec-08 16:43:01

mucho gracias senoritas x

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