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I have a pedi egg

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TheWizardofOz Fri 26-Dec-08 13:12:10

and I know you are all jealous.
I used it this morning.

ChristmasCakeYerbouti Fri 26-Dec-08 13:20:38

what in frick's name is a pediegg? grin

SueW Fri 26-Dec-08 13:24:49

is it any good?

PurplePillowsInSantasBed Fri 26-Dec-08 13:25:44

OOOh I want one of those envy

is it as good as it looks? grin

malovitt Fri 26-Dec-08 13:28:02

I got one too and it's FAB

kittywise Fri 26-Dec-08 13:30:21

I wondered whether to get one but at £10 it seemed too expensive to take a risk. If it's really good then I might.

hannahlouhoo Fri 26-Dec-08 13:46:53

I got one from my local market for 3 pounds! v. good buy and i love it!!

TheWizardofOz Fri 26-Dec-08 13:57:33

I wouldn't say fab- I found my shavings tended to fall out of said oeuf onto floor as I grated more.

They are ok - but farking nora I could have used a grater.

HarleyQuinn Fri 26-Dec-08 14:08:22

envy I want one of those

TheWizardofOz Fri 26-Dec-08 16:57:02

ds just touched them and said " YOU need to shave your feet"


SO not that good.

reindeercantdancethetango Fri 26-Dec-08 16:59:18

i want one

TheWizardofOz Fri 26-Dec-08 17:00:13

SO if you had been given one .....
I was pleased and entertained.

XmasPud Fri 26-Dec-08 17:03:34

oh no!!!! That is the most squeamish tv advert EVER. I shudder helplessly every time I see the bit where the tip the pediedgg shavings in the bin like pencil filings Yeeeeeech grin

TheWizardofOz Fri 26-Dec-08 17:04:44

I would say like parmigiano reggiano.

IotasCat Fri 26-Dec-08 17:06:45

Barf at the thought of empyting it. whats wrong with using a traditional pumice stone?

bluebump Fri 26-Dec-08 20:58:05

The advert for it makes me want to vomit!

AugustusGloop Fri 26-Dec-08 20:58:37

You are just GREEN with envy.

WewishyouaBUMPERLICIOUS Fri 26-Dec-08 21:23:22

Because where do you think the shavings go with a pumice stone...?grin

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