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Huge bags under eyes. HELP!

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greeneyedgirl Wed 24-Dec-08 19:52:08

I put on eye creams and stuff, but it's not working. I am seriously thinking about plastic surgery. Has anybody had it and did it work?

Any quick fixes in the mean time?

mrsmaidamess Wed 24-Dec-08 19:53:35

Do you mean shadows under your eyes, wrinkles or puffy bits?

greeneyedgirl Wed 24-Dec-08 19:59:40

Puffy bits. I have always had them since a teenager, but now I am 34, they are really starting to kick in. It's a pain, because apart from them I look younger than my age...which I rather like lol!

watsthestory Wed 24-Dec-08 20:00:33

Message withdrawn

greeneyedgirl Wed 24-Dec-08 20:06:56

I don't put my face creams under my eyes, I have some under-eye cream from Avon, which I apply morning and night (gently) as directed.

watsthestory Wed 24-Dec-08 20:07:45

Message withdrawn

greeneyedgirl Wed 24-Dec-08 20:09:51

No, but my eyes are very prone to watering, which I guess has made the bags worse over time. They can often water when I am asleep and when I am watching tv sometimes, but I have no infections in them.

watsthestory Wed 24-Dec-08 20:11:10

Message withdrawn

BlueSapphire77 Wed 24-Dec-08 20:11:32

Drink boatloads of water
Use cucumber on eyes
Get lots of sleep
Gently and i mean gently..cos skin under eyes is v v sensitive.. massage your cheeks just under your eye socket every morning to move excess fluid and let it start circulating
The under eye stuff from avon is very good don't have any more tips for you though sorry

greeneyedgirl Wed 24-Dec-08 20:12:19

I have never heard of a decongestant eye gel, what do they do?

watsthestory Wed 24-Dec-08 20:13:17

Message withdrawn

greeneyedgirl Wed 24-Dec-08 20:14:21

Thanks BlueSapphire, I know I don't sleep long enough lol. Do you think these bags can be reversed then? Always thought I just must have rubbish under eye muscles.

watsthestory Wed 24-Dec-08 20:15:44

Message withdrawn

greeneyedgirl Wed 24-Dec-08 20:15:48

That sounds great Watsthestory, I wonder why I have never heard of it. I will give it a try, what is the Roc one called?

greeneyedgirl Wed 24-Dec-08 20:17:14

Yes my Mum and sister are bag free, but my Dad has the same "shape" bags I do, and weirdly I look like him too and my sister looks more like my Mum. How strange is that??

watsthestory Wed 24-Dec-08 20:17:42

Message withdrawn

greeneyedgirl Wed 24-Dec-08 20:19:29

Cheers! How sad am I asking stuff like this on Christmas Eve?? My excuse is that my daughter is with her Dad this Christmas (sob) and I don't know what to do with myself.

watsthestory Wed 24-Dec-08 20:20:29

Message withdrawn

greeneyedgirl Wed 24-Dec-08 20:25:32

Never mind, thanks for replying on Christmas Eve. I'm being far too vain aren't I? My parents and partner think I'm mad, but whenever I look in the mirror, they're all I see. Just got 1.5lt bottle of water from my garage, so that starts the "boatloads" of water advice lol!

pombear Wed 24-Dec-08 20:33:43

Ssshhh....turns over left shoulder, stage right...big whisper...TOUCHE ECLAT!!! (everyone tells me I look crap once I've run out of the stuff!)

greeneyedgirl Wed 24-Dec-08 21:03:02

I have heard of that, but never tried it. Is it really good?

JacksFirstChristmasMama Wed 24-Dec-08 21:04:16

Didn't we have a thread about this a day or so ago?
Try haemorrhoid cream under your eyes. If the bags are from puffiness that should de-puff them.

JacksFirstChristmasMama Wed 24-Dec-08 22:56:08

Having obviously killed this thread, JM slinks away to the tea room...

greeneyedgirl Thu 25-Dec-08 12:15:33

I think I have some anusol somewhere, will that do?

watsthestory Thu 25-Dec-08 12:17:56

Message withdrawn

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