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buying from the Next online

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RumMum Wed 24-Dec-08 09:20:53

I ordered a top from next online about 3 weeks ago, it was out of stock and was delivered last week... I love it and want to keep it

now this may seem a strange question but how do I pay for it.. it came with no paperwork.. only how to return it.

I got an order conformation email when I ordered it, and another email from them saying that my catalogue was on the way. but nothing about payment...

I've obviously missed something... How do I pay! [dim emoticon]

mindalina Wed 24-Dec-08 09:21:36

They set you up an account when you order so you'll get monthly bills. Give them a call on their customer service line and you'll be able to pay it off that way

ChestnutsRoastingonanOpenFlier Wed 24-Dec-08 09:22:22

they will send you a statement and you can then pay in store, online or over the telephone or, of course by post.

RumMum Wed 24-Dec-08 09:24:20

thank you.. I will ring their customer service line... (never thought of that)!

2pt4WiseMen Wed 24-Dec-08 09:25:18

If you pay it as soon as you receive the statement then you'll pay no interest.
You will be able to pay a minimum payment and pay the rest later but you'll pay interest that way.

fishie Wed 24-Dec-08 09:27:52

next are sods like this, it is really not clear to order stuff from them. if you return something to shop they will not charge you for postage but leave it on your account (the account you didn't ask to be opened). and then they send you catalogues and charge you for them too.

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