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2008 has notbeen the easiest of years and has left me looking dreadful, nay, scary....can you help?

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Earthymama Sun 21-Dec-08 09:01:50

I usually feel that I look ok, nice hair, happy with my weight (though with the usual could lose a bit stuff in my head), to sum up, that I scrub up ok!!

I've got arthritis and psoriasis so take medication for those, but in the last 12 months I've had shingles twice, with large doses of anti-viral meds, had to deal with the deterioration of my mother, who I cared for, and her death in September. We also had some serious issues to deal with in our extended family.

So, I look AWFUL, I've got the lurgie that's doing the rounds at the mo, which has had the added benefit of making my face swell somewhat, which, with my double chin, (inherited from mum, mentioned above)is NOT a good look.

I posted on this thread
bad hair day so my hair is wrecked too!!

Can anyone help? It's really getting me down, I'm going for cocktails and canapes on monday, with friends who are always immaculately made up and on trend with their clothes, hair etc, and would like to avoid looking as scary as I do now.

I know I'm being pathetic but I really do look awful!! So any tips will be much appreciated. smile

twoluvlysnowmen Sun 21-Dec-08 09:09:47

can you spend a couple/few hours today on yourself? a nice warm (not hot) bath, put on a face pack if you've got one, if not, honey's quite good. remove any excess body hair (that always cheers me up), and then try on your best clothes and decide on your outfit today.

not sure about your hair - haven't read other thread yet.

twoluvlysnowmen Sun 21-Dec-08 09:14:07

hmm, just read it.

if your hair is that awful, what about a funky hat?

my dd (13) says hats are well trendy at the mo, even my hand knitted efforts - she happily wears them with everything!! (and she's got lovely hair.....)

Earthymama Sun 21-Dec-08 09:26:09

I asked DP for a wig as I scared people in Cardiff yesterday!!

I know a lot of it is because I'm feeling rotten, but doesn't it make you mad when you know that people you haven't seen since last Christmas will carry a horrid image of you around for the next twelve months. And I dread the pity,'Ooh, EM's let herself go!'

Yes, I am being shallow. I shouldn't as I've so much to be grateful for, but I can't help it!!

Thanks for tips, the hat would be good but I'm so hot at the moment, I'd probably explode. I stood in the garden in my undies last night I was convinced I was going to burst into flames.

I could opt out of the party but then i don't see peole I like til the end of 2009.

Earthymama Sun 21-Dec-08 12:34:09


alfiemamagotstuckupthechimney Sun 21-Dec-08 17:28:34

Ooh Earthymama, I have posted about the shampoo for your hair.

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