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no style & deffo no beauty - I've accidentally just taken off most of my right eyebrow with an epilator!!!

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sansoucitherednosedcariboo Fri 19-Dec-08 23:24:27

I look like a freak! How did my hand slip? What can I do, what can I do....(wailing, wringing of hands)...dh & dc are asleep but I'll get a full-on tormenting at breakfast, tomorrow's the last Saturday before Xmas so doubt I'll get an appointment with a professional eyebrow fixer. Is it possible to tattoo them on? I know this sounds radical but seriously, the 1st person I see in the street tomorrow will take me for some "mental health clinic" escapee. Please, please, please advise!!!!!!!

NappiesGaloriaInExcelsis Fri 19-Dec-08 23:29:14

oh sansou, what to say?? crack out the eyeliner pencil and paint it on?? what else are you gonna do??
maybe take the other one off and paint them both on... at least then they'll match.

fwiw my sister has plucked her eyebrows into oblivion and now has to draw them on daily...

NappiesGaloriaInExcelsis Fri 19-Dec-08 23:29:40

and shes a very sexy cool young woman (unlike me)

thumbElf Fri 19-Dec-08 23:33:50

what WERE you doing with an epilator up there? Accident waiting to happen, surely...

I'm sure it is possible to have them tattooed on but yours will grow back and the tattoo might look weird under the hair. Mind you, it would be there if you ever had the same accident again wink

Just go for the eyebrow pencil for tomorrow, I'm sure they won't notice - a bloke I worked with once did something heinous to his rather thick eyebrows (never quite got to the bottom of it but most of them disappeared) and hardly anyone noticed that his eyebrows had gone AWOL, although they did think he looked a bit strange for a while.
Most people don't look properly at you, especially if they think they know what they're looking at, if you get my drift.

MadamAntlers Fri 19-Dec-08 23:35:54

If your colouring is like mine, No17 eyebrow liner is your saviour [not v helpful emoticon]

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