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misty Thu 24-Mar-05 22:59:22

I feel in great need of some sort of makeover - you know, had the same hairstyle/makeup/clothes for ageeeeees and really want to update everything. How do I go about this? Haven't got much spare cash so need to do this as cheaply as possible i.e what are the free 'personal shoppers' in department stores like? Where's the best place to go for a free makeover (again, dept store counters??). I'm a fading redhead and really need some advice on what colour/style would now suit me and don't know where to start!

clare1980 Thu 24-Mar-05 23:11:56

do you have a local college near you because i trained to be a beauty therapist and they did hair and make-up and facial deals and toning and massage
would make you feel like a new woman

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