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help! casual party top for breastfeeding mum with flabby belly

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mummypig Thu 18-Dec-08 23:24:13

I want something casual but stylish that I can breastfeed in but makes me look as if I have a waist - is it too much to ask for one top?

I am going out tomorrow for the first time in ages. I will be taking bf ds3 (5 1/2 m) with me so I need something good for breastfeeding in. But I want to wear something stylish as I remember feeling very frumpy when at the same person's party and pg with ds1.

I'm probably 14-16 top half and 12 bottom half.

Even if I don't find anything ideal by tomorrow evening, I'm still interested in your ideas. I'd love to move on from my current jersey top-jeans combo which I wear in one form or another pretty much every day.

Dragonbrandybutter Thu 18-Dec-08 23:28:55

What about a top that has ties at the back so you can cinch in at the waist but loosen off to bf?

or a tunic or sweater dress with jeans. you could wear a feeding vest thing underneath so your tummy is still covered while you feed.

smellyeli Thu 18-Dec-08 23:35:23

Gap have some nice merino wool wrap tops in different colour, and you can wear with a camisole underneath and hoik that up and pull the wrap down - and there you go. Got me through 2 weddings and a birthday party this year!

You could try it with a long skirt (fat face, white stuff?)and boots - always makes me feel a bit more galm than jeans (the once a month I manage it!)

Have a great party!grin

smellyeli Thu 18-Dec-08 23:37:02



Haven't even had wine.

There was a thread earlier about how MN was a superior kind of forum because the grammar and spelling were so good. Not on my posts they aint.

mummypig Thu 18-Dec-08 23:48:45

wow three replies already! thanks, have some long skirts and boots so will go out tomorrow am and have a look at wrap tops and tunics.

Pannacotta Sat 20-Dec-08 16:56:10

There are some nice tops here

mummypig Mon 22-Dec-08 23:02:28

Thanks Pannacotta, I really like the look of that site, and the 'baby loves disco' afternoons too!

Went out wearing a Jigsaw wrap top with breastfeeding vest underneath. Was pleased with how trim it made me look smile.

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