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Would you spend more on an everyday or special-occasion item?

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franch Thu 24-Mar-05 14:16:59

I've been having terrible trouble finding the perfect LBD for maternity evening wear. Have tried loads on and have finally found one - it's £175 - more than I'd normally spend on a non-maternity dress, and I'll get very little wear out of it of course. (We've got a swanky do coming up next month and I'm sure there'll be more but after September it'll be useless.)

I'm trying to justify buying it but then it occurred to me I'd be better spending the money on the pair of Juicy Couture maternity jeans that I rejected the other week because they were £135. Again, a hell of a lot more than I'd normally spend on jeans when not pregnant but they're the only ones I've found that I like and actually, if you go by 'cost-per-wear' logic, they're a lot better value than the dress.

Actually, I want both and can afford neither ....

TracyK Thu 24-Mar-05 14:30:56

I'd go for the jeans - you'll get much more wear out of them. I talked myself in to getting Formes black trousers when i was pg at £89 - but I wore them more or less every day to work for 6 months and I bought another pair for evening do's. The LBD youwouldn't get that much wear out of. Wear what you like as everyone will be pissed by 9 o'clock and not notice what you are wearing!

hoxtonchick Thu 24-Mar-05 14:38:19

topshop have got some lovely black wrap dresses in their maternity range, though maybe not smart enough for you.

franch Thu 24-Mar-05 14:43:32

Thanks hoxtonchick - you know how it is with LBDs and jeans, such a personal thing and so hard to find the perfect fit. This is the dress I've found - looks a bit tarty in the photo but it's ruched so can be worn a lot longer-length than this. It's nice and clingy to show off my bump, which in fact you only really notice when I'm in profile - perfect! You're right about the jeans though Tracy - I've just never spent that much on jeans in my life so pregnancy somehow doesn't seem the right time - they'll have such a short life!!

franch Thu 24-Mar-05 14:47:48

Oh, and these are the jeans - they don't look that special but were perfect on.

TracyK Thu 24-Mar-05 14:59:31

you'll get a lot of wear out of the jeans - how many weeks are you. plus if you're like me you'll need the jeans for a couple of months post baby.

franch Thu 24-Mar-05 15:03:14

I'm coming up for 17 weeks. You're right about wearing them afterwards - did that last time. And I do pretty much live in jeans. OK, you're helping me feel better about this ......

TracyK Thu 24-Mar-05 19:25:21

get yourself a zero percent credit card for purchases and buy both!

franch Thu 24-Mar-05 19:26:31

Tracy you are bad

TracyK Thu 24-Mar-05 19:37:48

or if you don't get the dress - you've saved £175!! so the jeans are a bargain!

What is the picture to the right of your dress with the white tie sash - is it a dress o top and trousers.
Have you tried the dress on yet? if not you'd better try in case you don't like it on and then all the fantasising will be for nothing.

motherinferior Thu 24-Mar-05 19:40:37

I'd get the jeans, me.

Cod Thu 24-Mar-05 19:41:06

Message withdrawn

mummytosteven Thu 24-Mar-05 19:42:18

might you be able to get a decent price for either jeans or dress on ebay afterwards?

Katemum Thu 24-Mar-05 20:25:09

i love the jeans, actually i love the dress as well but you will get more wear out of the jeans.

dangirl Thu 24-Mar-05 22:13:04

would also go for the jeans. am 7 weeks pregnat myself. may get them too as they look really good - though admittedly v. expensive! Where can you get them? I live in London.
For the upcoming due/ Is it perhaps possible to wear a non-maternity wrapdress at this stage? That one you could also get a lot of wear out of after the baby has arrived.

motherinferior Fri 25-Mar-05 09:03:10

I can't remember when your baby's due - do you wear jeans all through the summer? Because if so, I definitely think you will wear the jeans every damn day. If not, it might be worth buying something else with the money.

Cheapskate, moi.

franch Fri 25-Mar-05 12:04:52

MI, baby is due 5 Sept, and yes I live in jeans.

dangirl, I tried them on in 'Push' in Islington.

Tracy, yes I've tried the dress on and it's perfect. The other dress you mentioned is a dress - looks really nice I think.

Still haven't decided!!

TracyK Fri 25-Mar-05 12:35:23

tbh - I wouldn't wear that dress to black tie - its too short imo.
I'd go for something longer and swishier.

Gobbledigook Fri 25-Mar-05 12:39:42

The jeans look lovely but the only way I'd spend that is if I was earlyish on like you are and it was my first baby and I was planning on 3 or 4! Even then I'd probably stick to next ones because by the end I just wear wide leg trousers with elasticated waists anyway - however stretchy the jeans I find them really uncomfy at the end.

Wouldn't spend that money on anything maternity unless money was no object.

franch Fri 25-Mar-05 12:46:18

TracyK, it's not black tie!!! It's a party in a glam nightclub!! And as I said below it's ruched - in the photo they've shoved it up as short as it'll go, but it actually sits a good bit longer than that (on me anyway).

Gobbledigook, you are the voice of reason. I'll probably end up buying neither. Have tried on just about ALL of Next's maternity jeans though and they're all too short (they don't seem to do a longer length in a size 8). I did wear jeans right up till labour day last time round, but this isn't my first baby and I'm not planning any more .... you are right!!!

marthamoo Fri 25-Mar-05 12:59:02

Have you tried Blooming Marvellous for jeans? I got a pair from them and wore them to death - then my best friend wore them through her pregnancy, then another friend wore them through her pregnancy, then I sold them on ebay! Not bad for £30 - and they looked very similar to those in your link (I'm 5'7" and they were a good length on me)

For the "do" have you tried ebay? There's a maternity wear section.

franch Fri 25-Mar-05 13:02:28

Have just ordered the jeans you're talking about marthamoo - they're my last hope! A pair of their jeans saw me through last time too actually.

Have never bought clothes on ebay - like to be able to try things on and send them back ...

marthamoo Fri 25-Mar-05 17:21:43

I hope they're OK!

Know what you mean about trying on - it is a bit of a risk on ebay. I haven't bought many clothes - a pair of suede trousers which were great and a long cardi which I get out of the wardrobe from time to time, try on, and put back in the wardrobe.

Still worth a look though - I sold a maternity outfit I had worn for a wedding when I was 20 weeks pregnant with ds2. It cost me about £130 and I wore it once. The woman who bought it (also for a wedding) paid £14 so there are bargains to be had. And if you bought the very sexy dress I bet you could sell it on ebay no problem....

TracyK Fri 25-Mar-05 18:31:56

sorry - thought it was a black tie do! Isabelle Oliver does nice maternity stuff but prob still on the expensive side.
Anyway - you don't deserve to find anything being a freaky 8 long!

franch Fri 25-Mar-05 20:41:06

Have tried on 2 Isabella Oliver dresses Tracy! Aagh! Doomed ......

Will have a look on ebay martha, you never know ....

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