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Eye makeup mystery - please solve.

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smurfgirl Tue 16-Dec-08 21:24:53

Every single day I end up with eyeliner smudged under my left eye, never my right eye. As far as I know i put it on the same way on both eyes and I use equal amounts.

What can I do?

mrsmaidamess Tue 16-Dec-08 21:25:34

Put some powder on it after you have applied.

I get this too, but I have a wonky face.

smurfgirl Tue 16-Dec-08 21:27:06

On my eye? Or underneath? I don't usually use powder.

Maybe my face is wonky?!

mrsmaidamess Tue 16-Dec-08 21:28:34

Are you sure its not your mascara coming off and smudging a little bit? Do you wear eyeliner under your eye?

smurfgirl Tue 16-Dec-08 21:31:38

It might be mascara?

I wear 2 eyeshadow shades, then liner on the top lid, then mascara. The liner and mascara is black.

hester Tue 16-Dec-08 21:32:05

Is your eye slightly weepy on one side? Damaged tear dut? Or do you have a habit of rubbing one eye?

mrsmaidamess Tue 16-Dec-08 21:33:08

I think it sounds like mascara. I get it on my left eye only. I don't know why, can only assume my lashes touch my face more on that side! A waterproof mascara might help.

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