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Where can I get nice long lasting kids pyjamas (aside from John Lewis) before Christmas

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Fillyjonk Tue 16-Dec-08 19:59:43

Important Christmas Eve tradition here is new pyjamas

They need to be quality ones, aside from anything else they will go through 3 kids.

Usually I do the sensible thing and order them at the beginning of November. But this year I forgot. And the kids have just reminded me blush

No John Lewis here sadly (yet). But we have the usual chain stores? Online would be ideal but am thinking its probably too late to be ordering stuff now...


themulledmanneredjanitor Tue 16-Dec-08 20:00:15

white company

pricey but lovely.

RubyrubytheRubynosedReindeer Tue 16-Dec-08 20:00:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RubyrubytheRubynosedReindeer Tue 16-Dec-08 20:03:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

christmasiana Tue 16-Dec-08 20:04:26

i have bought my DD gorgeous Christmassy jersey pyjamas from Gap and they have a fantastic range of girls and boys ones and they are really good quality - the previous gap ones have been worn to death and are still fine

they are also cut really well.

Fillyjonk Tue 16-Dec-08 20:08:16


I like white company stuff (thanks for code!) but think I'd better go with gap as we MUST have them for christmas and if i miss a parcel delivery it is a 2 day wait before they resurface at the sorting office hmm!

Pollyanna Tue 16-Dec-08 20:08:32

I second Gap, but m&S have some nice ones too - and they are much cheaper.

Jewelsandgems Tue 16-Dec-08 20:10:53

Gap every time for me. Used for DD1, and now DD2 and they look and feel soft and in excellent condition.

dizzyjingles Tue 16-Dec-08 20:11:45

got ours for this year from Marks and spencers and they're lovely smile

scampadoodle Tue 16-Dec-08 20:20:15


GrimmaTheNome Tue 16-Dec-08 20:23:43

M&S ... I'm still awaiting my online order of snoopy PJs ....

White co do wear extremely well

Clary Tue 16-Dec-08 21:30:07

John Lewis delivery very quick ime.

See, now White Company not great quality again ime. Had some for DS1 that went all saggy and baggy and even DD barely wore them, never mind DS2. It was a while ago tho so maybe they've improved.

I have found Sainsbury's very good actually, if they have them in the right size. Also not expensive.

I am fussy re pyjamas, not keen on character so makes it tricky.

Christmas jamas this year came from Sainsbos (ds1), Primark I think (DD) and M&S (DS2).

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