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has anyone used

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lizandlulu Wed 10-Dec-08 15:09:42

they have really cheap cardy uggs but dont know even how to tell if they are real or not. the cardy uggs are only £54!

Hulan Wed 10-Dec-08 15:16:34

Hi lizandlulu. I've just recently bought myself a pair and after going on various sites I ended up just buying them in the shop. There was a seller on ebay who actually lists all of the differences between 'fakes' and 'genuines'.

So she says that the first indication they are fake is the price. If the price seems too cheap then it's probably fake. Secondly if the pics on the site don't clearly display the label on the back of the boot, they are also probably fake.

But do what's best for you. You probably know this so forgive me if I sound patronising in any way but UGG is basically the style of boot (kinda like high heel boots are the style)and as long as they are made from genuine sheepskin then you have a real pair of UGGS. HTH

TheBlonde Wed 10-Dec-08 15:18:50

fake - see the disclaimer at the bottom

Please note, we are not affiliated in any way with the Deckers Outdoor Corporation and their "Ugg Australia" brand.
We are not selling products under the Deckers Outdoor Corporation and their "Ugg Australia" brand.

frankbestfriend Wed 10-Dec-08 15:19:28

They are not real.

Small print at bottom of page tells you that they are not affiliated with Deckers(the makers of Ugg Australia)

frankbestfriend Wed 10-Dec-08 15:19:55

x posts

lizandlulu Wed 10-Dec-08 16:42:29

i saw that disclaimer but didnt really understand it. i thought it just ment they wasnt part of the 'ugg' company, but thought they were real 'uggs'sad
i have been to new york this weekend and couldnt get any for love nor money. everywhere had sold out of the cardy onessad

kirsty18 Wed 10-Dec-08 21:03:22

hi, i have recently used and i recieved my 2 pairs of geuine uggs 2day! very pleased as i saw the disclaimer at the bottom and thought hmm, but i thought wot the hell i'll giv it a try. Iv checkd them over with my other pairs of genuine uggs and everything matches, they even come in the boxes! the soles r they should be, the labels match inside to my others n they look perfect! x

TheBlonde Wed 10-Dec-08 21:23:32

Welcome to mumsnet kirsty18 - I don't suppose you work for hmm

Lulumama Wed 10-Dec-08 21:30:20

they aren't real. if it seems to good to be true.. it is

HolyGuacamole Thu 11-Dec-08 00:38:20

Just looked into this and noticed the return policy is 2 days?!?! 2 days!! Plus buyer is responsible for all return shipping costs. only get to know the return address if you email them requiring it (presumably after you realise you have been fleeced, scuse the pun)....presumably within those 2 days.....and, you'd also be responsible for customs charges if the return address happens to be abroad....and....shipping is done by a company called EMS, based in China.....

Don't touch the with a bargepole. Fake, fake, fake....

lizandlulu Thu 11-Dec-08 09:15:11

i couldnt see how much the delivery was either.

kettlechip Thu 11-Dec-08 15:01:33

And if they're even telling you via a disclaimer that they aren't Deckers Uggs, what more proof do you need that they aren't real even if the labels are all present and correct? Would rather go for completely different brand such as Emu or similar than get replica Deckers Uggs. Avoid.

jayney222 Fri 12-Dec-08 13:35:18

i ordered a pair of cardy uggs from they arrived within a week and are the genuine article, the delivery charge was 13.99 and i spoke to the retailer via email asking when i would receive them he answered immediately and they arrived when he said they would. I am over the moon with them

frankbestfriend Fri 12-Dec-08 13:37:09

They are not genuine Deckers Uggs.

TheBlonde Sat 13-Dec-08 20:27:54

I suspect jayney222 also works for getugg

mse ugg info for deals

kettlechip Sat 13-Dec-08 20:42:45

Welcome to MN Jayney, Kirsty, Mr GetUgg or whoever you really are..!

lizandlulu Sat 13-Dec-08 21:12:29

my friend found those ones form m and m direct and we wondered if they were uk size 9 or american 9's. just my lucksad

LilySwalLoosHerTurkeyBaster Sat 13-Dec-08 21:23:27

I got a pair from shudoo with a 20% discount using a code from here but seems to have gone but found this for 15% off 'sun712'
As far as the others a def fake and i wouldn't give them my money!
I looked at m and m but they have really obscure sizes!
And sad at the supposed mners who would direct someone to a dodgy site !!!! angry

lizandlulu Sat 13-Dec-08 22:01:21

there is some cardy type ones in t k maxx, they are another make to deckers uggs but look the same. i would rather have those than a pair of fake uggs. they are £16.99

TheBlonde Sun 14-Dec-08 07:30:58

tkmaxx sound like a good bet - at least you can see what you are getting and try them on

seeker Sun 14-Dec-08 08:30:55

Tesco have fake ones 2 pairs for £15!

SueW Sun 14-Dec-08 08:38:49

It depends whether you want a pair of Deckers Uggs or a pair of sheepskin boots, iyswim.

I have bought British through Celtic Sheepskin (who I don't work for even though I have plugged them many times here and elsewhere just because I love their stuff). I don't want Uggs made in China.

I'd contact friends/family in Oz/NZ and ask them to pick me up some local-made sheepie boots before I'd buy Deckers chinese-made Uggs. But I'm not brand-obsessed

Jewelsandgems Sun 14-Dec-08 09:11:55

Fake fake fake!

If you want the real deal then just buy them from a shop. I have had mine for 2 years now, they have been worn lots and are still in excellent condition - and that just goes to show you get what you pay for.

I find it wierd that the site has the disclaimer, and then tries to replicate the deckers uggs (in packaging etc) as much as possible - very suspect.

If you are not bothered by the brand, then just buy some from next or whatever. And then they are so cheap that when they start to look naff, you can easily afford to just buy another pair wink

Stash Thu 18-Dec-08 16:19:53

You guys.. they are not Fake Uggs.

GetUgg sell genuine Ugg Boots

"Ugg Australia" is not even an Australian company they are an American company and they make their boots in China.. so if we are being strict then "Ugg Australia" boots are fake Ugg boots. I really struggle to understand what all the fuss is about with "Ugg Australia" I guess just good Marketing!!

I have bought a pair of Genuine Ugg boots (not Ugg Australia) from Australia whilst I was there and the quality of them far surpasses that of "Ugg Australia" boots that I have looked at. In fact I am not 100% convinced that all UGG Australia boots have Marino Sheeps wool liners.

I have also bought a pair of GetUgg boots and delivery was timely and quality of the boots excellent!!

Dont get sucked into this Are they Genuine Ugg boots debate....

kirsty18 Sun 21-Dec-08 18:53:16

does no1 understand when i said they are real!!!! jesus i no u all want bargain prices so im tellin u that is genuine and no i do not work 4 them, i work in retail n i no whats real n whats fake so stop being so stubborn n just go 4 it!

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