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What is the average age to start spotting grey hairs?

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TheNewsMongersGeansaiNollag Wed 03-Dec-08 21:59:07

it has got to the point where they is always one visible. I was doing a quick spot chekc once a week and until recently that was keeping it at bay.

I don't think anybody else has noticed, but I am definitely 'going grey' now. I saidto my hairdresser that i was going grey prematurely and he chuckled. I am too old to go grey prematurely.

sagacious Wed 03-Dec-08 21:59:36

I was 25 (shudder)

ToysAreLikeDogs Wed 03-Dec-08 22:00:42

Oh seventeen or eighteen is average

[lies through teef]

nancy75 Wed 03-Dec-08 22:02:38

had none until i was 29, 4 years later they are taking over my whole head!

georgimama Wed 03-Dec-08 22:02:57

I was 27. Now I have highlights.

bandgeek Wed 03-Dec-08 22:03:44

I found my first at 21 and have found the odd stray one ever since (nearly 26 now)

I dye my hair all the time, so don't really know if they would be visible if left au naturale!

whoingodsnameami Wed 03-Dec-08 22:05:31

I hav'nt yet, and I'm 32.

christmaseve Wed 03-Dec-08 22:05:46

Luck of the draw. I got to my mid forties, pulling out the odd one but after 46 they are multiplying, little wirly bastards.

Waltzywotzy Wed 03-Dec-08 22:08:40

about 40 -but grey hair makes your memory fade, so it might have been something else like 35! Can't remember much as I get older, head is full of new stuff and old stuff keeps falling out (not sure where it goes)!

I start to twitter <twists grey hair round fingers>!

Beauregard Wed 03-Dec-08 22:13:45

I found my 1st grey at 16 and am very grey now AT 33[SAD]

mumhadenough Wed 03-Dec-08 22:16:04

I found my first grey hair on my 21st birthday sad.

I'm 32 now and dye my hair every 4-5 weeks, otherwise I end up looking like a skunk!

snowleopard Wed 03-Dec-08 22:16:06

Just getting my first ones at 39. When they take over I'll dye them, so I'm not bothered.

southeastastra Wed 03-Dec-08 22:16:39

i have a few, they stick up.

fishie Wed 03-Dec-08 22:18:11

if you pull them out then they all regrow at same length and are even more visible.

i found grey pube today sad

christmaseve Wed 03-Dec-08 22:19:00

Will someone tell me the home dyes that cover them. Mine are the silver ones? Please.

MotherFlippin Wed 03-Dec-08 22:21:07

Message withdrawn

givethedogachristmaspudd Wed 03-Dec-08 22:22:52

Message withdrawn

givethedogachristmaspudd Wed 03-Dec-08 22:23:13

Message withdrawn

Waltzywotzy Wed 03-Dec-08 22:24:01

I use semi permanents, but they make your hair dry, so I don't use them all the time. I also don't care if my hair goes grey, so Im not the best to give advice. Apparently you can highlight it, or low light it, but I can't be bothered.

TheNewsMongersGeansaiNollag Wed 03-Dec-08 22:24:22

Wow no wonder my hairdresser laughed at me! I am a decrepid 37 but feel 'only 37' and therefore far to young for this.

I want to go silver white like a fairy... That I could handle. but not yet. In about 15 yrs.

juneybean Wed 03-Dec-08 22:25:31

I'm 23 and I think I keep finding some ...maybe they're just blonde <hopeful>

DoubleBluff Wed 03-Dec-08 22:26:10

on your head or elsewhere? grin

girlandboy Wed 03-Dec-08 22:27:35

I was about 20!

Damn well covered in them now. (I'm 42)

For some reason they seem to grow vertically. And they're as thick as ruddy fuse-wire.

Also found a grey one in my left eyebrow last week. It didn't last long grin

Waltzywotzy Wed 03-Dec-08 22:28:10

your hairdresser
she laughed?
Next they'll be saying "I'll cut your hair like my mums. it will suit you at your age". They are so mean and ruthless.

<<memories come flooding back>>

christmaseve Wed 03-Dec-08 22:29:23

I've always had hightlights done at the hairdressers, but the little buggars that I pull out get missed. Thinking of becoming a 'suicide blond' ish due to the credit crunch and have just bought a permenant dark blonde dye but am scared to use it.

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