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So, I'm going to a wedding 3 o'clock Saturday and I have nothing to wear!!

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lilibet Fri 18-Mar-05 23:15:21

oh God ! I have put on 9 lbs in four weeks . I planned to wear my black pants, nice black top and cream jacket (it's a very low key wedding), have tried them on and I look 6 months pregnant and my backside looks like Max Wall (older readers only) .
I have a longer jacket so that you can't see my backside and stomach but I can't keep that on all night. I bought a nice black embroidered skirt from next but as it's knee length and a size 14 I feel that I look wider than I am tall.

I have to leave home at 7.15am to catch the train then get in London at 1pm for a 3 pm wedding!

When I get up in the morning I am sure I will se suggestion to make me feel better that won't involve lying that I can't go!

PuffTheMagicDragon Fri 18-Mar-05 23:28:05

Wear the long jacket. Everyone will be so drunk by the evening, they won't be bothered when you sling it off!

Smurfgirl Sat 19-Mar-05 00:15:28

I am a bit of a skirt fan myself and think they are v.slimming so I would say skirt, nice top, long jacket.

Do you have any fabulous tops you can wear that sirt of um, distract from the trousers/skirt kwim?

Long kacket also sounds fab, v.dressy.

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