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Forget Boden! This is the "school run" coat of my dreams

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TheNewsMongrel Wed 26-Nov-08 15:35:58

BUT it's mucho dinero!

find me one like this but cheaper?

I DO walk a lot, and I don't always have the car......

thell Wed 26-Nov-08 15:38:22

Wow! Looks in the pic like it's leather...very saucy x

DonutMum Wed 26-Nov-08 16:26:19

Ah, it's gorge. And an investment. You might get one like it cheaper but the cut may not be the same - that looks really nice.

littleducks Wed 26-Nov-08 16:29:42

very nice

Trafficcone Wed 26-Nov-08 16:30:35


mrsmalumbas Wed 26-Nov-08 16:37:35

That is lovely, but expensive!

I just bought a long quilted coat from Per Una and I have to say it the warmest and cuddliest coat, like putting on a duvet! It is brown and has a fur lined hood. And it is not too bulky like many of the padded ones are. It cost about 60 quid. I know Per Una is not the most glam but I am so happy with it.

walkingbus Wed 26-Nov-08 16:48:47

skimp on the kids' Christmas presents and get it!

TheNewsMongrel Wed 26-Nov-08 17:03:09

Good plan!

I have looked on American websites and they have a very similar one but it's not quite as nice, and not all of those American sites ship outside US.

Hmmmmmmm, can I justify it??

I will have a look on the M&S website though, to check out that per una one MrsMalumbas.

MinkyBorage Wed 26-Nov-08 17:04:12

omg, it's horrible!

tonysoprano Wed 26-Nov-08 17:04:44

love love love it.......might ask for it for chrimbo!!

tonysoprano Wed 26-Nov-08 17:05:36

bugger only available in white, just not practical

tonysoprano Wed 26-Nov-08 17:05:37

bugger only available in white, just not practical

Swedes Wed 26-Nov-08 17:07:05

That's the ugliest coat I've seen in a long time. It made me LOL it's so naffola.

TheNewsMongrel Wed 26-Nov-08 17:27:12

It's only available in white? argh, so even if I decide to buy it I can't! Bloody typical!

WHY is it so hard to buy a really warm waterproof coat that doesn't look like it was borrowed from Vicky Pollard.

joliejolie Wed 26-Nov-08 18:36:54

Here in a taupe colour.
Here in loads of colours, but shipping might be is on SALE though! grin

mypastcatchingup Wed 26-Nov-08 21:35:37

Some of those links are not the same coat.
This one is.

Total $ 300 including shipping to UK cm_mmc=CSE-_-Nextag-_-na-_-na&ad_id=csenextag

blametheparents Wed 26-Nov-08 21:39:15

Wow, so much cheaper inthe States.
Do you reckon that goes for all North Face stuff?
Must check if DH is going there for work soon!

mypastcatchingup Wed 26-Nov-08 21:40:07

might be worth sending him there!

blametheparents Wed 26-Nov-08 21:43:18

Yes, jolie has linked to the Grace jacket, you have been looking at the Grace insulated jacket.
Still cheaper in the States though

TheGoat Wed 26-Nov-08 21:52:05

scrolling down this thread and then clicking on that link is the biggest disappointment i have had in a v. long time. sorry, please don't waste your money.

mypastcatchingup Wed 26-Nov-08 22:27:10

dont worry goat we re not asking YOU to buy it

TheGoat Wed 26-Nov-08 22:40:47

fair enough, but it is just a cagoule with a belt.

stitch Wed 26-Nov-08 22:44:26

that is gorgeous.
santa can i have one too please.???

zazen Wed 26-Nov-08 22:51:44

I love it, but then I did spend a LOT of time in playgrounds with a toddler. The icy wind, the friving rain, the settling snow. DD loved all weathers and we would go cabin fever crazy if we stayed in.

I got a great duvet style down filled one from Per Una eventually and it's mosty toasty. I got mine in a pale gold metallic - it looks impractical, but actually has a coating so it stays clean. I didn't want yet another black / boring coat.
MnS are brill.

Tidgypuds Wed 26-Nov-08 22:53:44

here it is cheaper!

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