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Good jeans

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Mosschops30 Thu 17-Mar-05 20:45:02

Message withdrawn

Smurfgirl Thu 17-Mar-05 21:59:54


hoxtonchick Thu 17-Mar-05 22:03:03

M&S (surprisingly)

Tetley Thu 17-Mar-05 22:24:44

Next for me!

Chuffed Fri 18-Mar-05 10:23:52


Mum2Ela Fri 18-Mar-05 10:38:57

Zara have some fab ones but they are quite small sizes being spanish.

Also some nice bench ones on

H&M have lovely flared ones (though their sizes didn't used to fit me - will have to try again now DS is 4 mths)

Kelly1978 Fri 18-Mar-05 10:41:22

Next or Per una at M&S were my favs after pg. I also found some variations of levis fitted really well, can't remember which tho.

SoupDragon Fri 18-Mar-05 10:47:45


Enid Fri 18-Mar-05 15:52:12

beware of Lycra in jeans - makes them look really nice when you try them on but makes them horrid, discoloured and baggy very quickly.

I vote for Top Shop.

Blossomhill Fri 18-Mar-05 16:08:28

Foxhole (Eisnenegger) do really good jeans, very similar to Top Shop but a third of the price!

Cod Fri 18-Mar-05 16:10:08

Message withdrawn

dyzzidi Fri 18-Mar-05 16:12:04

Jasper conran - Debenhams

Enid Fri 18-Mar-05 16:46:27

long and lean look fab for a couple of months then turn rubbish IMO - its that lycra thing you see

DillyDally Fri 18-Mar-05 16:47:54

No jeans are good jeans but that is becasue i have j lo's arse (as well as my own)and a considerably smaller waist and therefore look odd in them

SoupDragon Fri 18-Mar-05 16:48:03

Mine have been fine, Enid.

nutcracker Fri 18-Mar-05 16:48:09

My Asda has Levi jeans now, cheaper than everywhere else too.

dinosaur Fri 18-Mar-05 16:53:31

Am I too old to go in top shop? (Am nearly 40...)

nutcracker Fri 18-Mar-05 17:03:29

No course not

lou33 Fri 18-Mar-05 17:37:56

not at all dino

i got my last jeans from new look, they ahve lots of different lengths and in the sale they only cost me £18

Munchkinola Fri 18-Mar-05 17:48:45


SeaShells Fri 18-Mar-05 17:55:04

I love Next jeans.

Cod Sat 19-Mar-05 19:57:55

Message withdrawn

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