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What's your favourite shampoo and conditioner?

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DomesticBlobess Mon 24-Nov-08 13:20:36

Never really found great shampoo and conditioner - I just try some, it's ok, then move on and try some more. Would like to find great products that I will just use again and again to make my hair all shiny!

So, what do you use that you love using and give great results - recommendations please before I spend more money trying ones that are just ish.

lizandlulu Mon 24-Nov-08 13:48:53

tresemme always leave my hair soft, but not everso shiny. i want shiny hair too!!

MissisBoot Mon 24-Nov-08 13:51:36

I've just changed to elvive light which makes my hair really shiny - I also use paul mitchell conditioner - the detangler but am considering changing to elvive light conditioner as well.

Fimbo Mon 24-Nov-08 13:52:43

I have discovered Pamolive shampoos and conditioners - they sell them in Poundland.

They are the best shampoos and conditioners I have ever used and only a quid each.

Fimbo Mon 24-Nov-08 13:54:09


cremolafoam Mon 24-Nov-08 13:55:33

John Frieda sheer blonde- fab stuff

midnightexpress Mon 24-Nov-08 13:56:37

Aveda - not cheap but it lasts for ages and it smells divine.

Blinglovin Mon 24-Nov-08 13:56:49

I have tried "salon" shampoos and "high street" shampoos and in my experience, it is a sad truth that the salon ones make my hair feel and look better.

I alternate between Kerastase and L'Oreal. Mostly Kerastase currently but some of the L'Oreal treatments seem better (I write this, knowing full well that Kerastase is owned by L'Oreal but somehow there's still a difference).

I love how my hair feels and often get complements on it being shiny and in good condition. I completely credit my shampoo for that.

kando Mon 24-Nov-08 13:57:09

I'm with MissisBoot - I've used both the shampoo and conditioner and they make my hair lovely and shiny - to the extent that I got comments about it! I'm using Pantene for Brunettes just now and it's OK but I'm "willing" it to hurry up and finish so I can go and get some more Elvive [saddo emoticon] grin

Blinglovin Mon 24-Nov-08 13:57:27

Oh, and Revlon shampoos are good too. I just can't stand the smell for some reason so am unable to use them. My hair looked good when I did though! grin

bran Mon 24-Nov-08 13:59:42

What type of hair do you have DB? I have thin, dry hair and I use Burt's Bees thickening shampoo and Aussie 3 Minute Miracle conditioner. My hair isn't particularly shiny but it's better than with any other combination of shampoo and conditioner.

RedSparklersOnHerHead Mon 24-Nov-08 14:00:25

I use baby shampoo - just asda's or tesco's own brand, and I'm using the Tesco Value baby shampoo at the moment (and its only 35p) I don't like adult shampoo because I have sensitive skin and it leaves my scalp sore, so i just use baby shampoo. I don't use conditioner, i find my hair is a lovely condition, and shiny and I don't need to condition it.

wonderwoman73 Mon 24-Nov-08 14:01:43

I've got very fine hair and love the Burt's Bees volumising shampoo and conditioner - expensive but fabulous

PinkPussyCat Mon 24-Nov-08 14:02:15

Maybe try serum to help with shine?

angelene Mon 24-Nov-08 14:04:10

I really like the Charles Worthington Intense conditioner which is something like frizz smoothing or similar. I use it as a regular conditioner and makes my hair a bit more groomed and grownup I suppose. I couldn't find it for ages, but struck gold in Sainsbury's yesterday where it is £5.45 or £6 for 2! Bargainous!

Goober Mon 24-Nov-08 14:10:45

Dove Therapy shampoo and conditioner. Only 99p each in Savers but very luxuriant and fresh smelling.

MadameCastafiore Mon 24-Nov-08 14:12:22

Aussie stuff is brill - although I am now on Herbal Essences as it makes my hair less voluminous and as it is very short at the moment that is a good thing.

DomesticBlobess Mon 24-Nov-08 14:12:23

Ooh lots of recommendations!

Blinglovin - which Kerastase products do you use? I've been looking at them and there are just loads of options it's confusing and I have seen other recommendations for that brand elsewhere.

Hi Bran - I'm brunette with a shoulder length bob, and even though it is coloured regularly, dryness isn't a problem, I would just like it to be shinier and to be able to last a couple of days between washes without getting oily. I like the sound of Burt's Bees as it is more natural.

Blinglovin Mon 24-Nov-08 15:59:58

I use Bain Satin for slightly dry/sensitised hair as my hair does have a tendency to get a bit coarse, especially if I haven't died it in a while. I think the "bain" range covers a wide variety of different hair types.

I like it also because it lasts for months and months - even with DP forgetting you don't need a lot! grin. My hair is slightly below my shoulders, very thick, and I still only use about a 20p sized amount each time.

TsarChasm Mon 24-Nov-08 16:03:56

I like the Aussie ones too. I've got tons of different bottles and some have been darn expensive toohmm.

I finally tried Aussie - I admit I was very dubious. The packaging looked naff (I know, I know..shallow of me. An ad man's dream, I amblushgrin) but it's very good stuff actually.

WowOoo Mon 24-Nov-08 16:09:02

Aveda and Neal's Yard for a treat for my hair (makes it very shiny).

Neutrogena shampopo good too for skweaky clean feel and shine.

duckyfuzz Mon 24-Nov-08 16:32:17

john frieda chocolate espresso stuff, lovely, makes my hair shiny and keeps highlights going for longer

fionaann Tue 02-Dec-08 17:45:53

Herbal Essences shampoos are fab and really good value - I use Fruit Fusions Uplifting Volume. I got some the other week in Boots and they were on offer - I think 2 bottles for £4.

MrsSanta Tue 02-Dec-08 17:54:48

Has anyone found a good one for greasey hair, I need to wash mine every 2 days.
Wish I could get one day longer.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Tue 02-Dec-08 17:55:42

Aussie, I love them.

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