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Ideas wanted for outfit for the races - please help!

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soapbox Thu 17-Mar-05 14:57:41

I'm being entertained at the Grand National, what can I wear. I've recently lost over 4 stones so have no racing/wedding type outfits at all.

I fancy a Diane Von Fusterburg wrap dress - would this be okay do you think with a very smart raincoat in matching pastel???

And what to wear on my feet - don't want to be constantly sinking into the ground!

nnosam Thu 17-Mar-05 15:20:50

green wellies?

jampots Thu 17-Mar-05 15:37:02

wedge sandals?

northerner Thu 17-Mar-05 15:40:11

Oh that outfit sounds gorgeous. Yes I think it would be perfect.

No for the footwear...Hmmmmm.

What colour is the dress?

hermykne Thu 17-Mar-05 15:41:04

well done on losing the weight, wedges a good idea for sinky ground if its raining.
gap have that really nice trench sarah jessica parker wearing in the ad, dont know if the quality would match the DVF dress though.

nailpolish Thu 17-Mar-05 15:41:06

i recently went to a garden party wedding thingy and it was on grass, wore wedges and they did the job fantastically!

the dress and coat sound fab!

hope you have a great time, the races is a brilliant day out

well dome on the 4 stone!

soapbox Thu 17-Mar-05 15:45:28

Its hard to do a link to the specific dress but if you go to here and click on wraps from LHS menu it is the 5th one along - the lavendar print.

I thought with a lavender pastel mac????

Wedge sandles sound like a really good idea!

nailpolish Thu 17-Mar-05 16:25:35

love the colour, but i prefer the blue one

a pretty plain mac and wedges would look great!

soapbox Thu 17-Mar-05 16:39:08

MMmm - been swithering on that too. I like the collar on the blue one better but like the lavender fabric better.

Hmmm will have to think about it a bit more!!

northerner Thu 17-Mar-05 16:40:40

Very nice

nailpolish Thu 17-Mar-05 16:42:32

oh get the blue one!

soapbox Thu 17-Mar-05 16:44:56

I think I'm going to go to Harvey Nicks and try them both on!

No substitute for seeing them in real life

I bet I get there and find I look like the back end of a bus

Thank you all for your help!

BTW I am defintately going to go for wedgies - whatever the outfit

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