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Anyone having trouble accessing the Boden preview site?

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Cadelaide Sat 22-Nov-08 10:45:45

...cos I am.

Cadelaide Sat 22-Nov-08 11:35:51


Norksinmywaistband Sat 22-Nov-08 11:38:09

No just checked and went straight to it, sorry.
Has your DH put a block on the site due to the credit crunchsmile

SoMuchToBits Sat 22-Nov-08 11:38:54

address is

Cadelaide Sat 22-Nov-08 11:40:20

that's odd, and very frustrating.

Thanks anyway.

<<<<wonders about DP, finance etc>>>>

Scaredysquirrel Sat 22-Nov-08 11:44:21

I can't get onto it either.

Cadelaide Sat 22-Nov-08 11:44:30

Odder and odder.

I've tried several times and when I type in the preview address in the address bar (always worked in the past), I just get a google results page.

I suspect I'm being dim. Having said that, I can't access it via the email (from them) either.

Cadelaide Sat 22-Nov-08 11:44:55

oh scaredy, thankyou thankyou.

AuldAlliance Sat 22-Nov-08 14:33:34

I can't either.

Cadelaide Sat 22-Nov-08 16:53:56

So, those that can't acces the site and can be bothered to continue trying, what happens if you try in the address bar, cos I get a google results page and that's really puzzling me?

TheOtherMaryPoppinsFleckles Sat 22-Nov-08 17:00:52

I can grin try it now

Cadelaide Sat 22-Nov-08 17:02:51


it's become an IT thing for me now, not even interested in the bloody clothes....

TheOtherMaryPoppinsFleckles Sat 22-Nov-08 17:27:12

lol well when you get in there's a v cute babies jumper with an elephant on that I have put on my list

ilovejonty Sat 22-Nov-08 20:47:10

I can't access it either

Dottoressa Sat 22-Nov-08 20:49:09

It works for me. Nice gypsy dresses for DD, though I'm not mentioning it to DH.

The Boden preview is the first hint of spring, you know...

misspopov Sat 22-Nov-08 20:51:29

Works fine for me but daren't order anything as have just finished ordering the christmas clothes, gifts etc been taking advantage of the sale weekend.

KristinaM Sat 22-Nov-08 20:59:41

works here

honestfriend Sat 22-Nov-08 21:41:39

absolutely fine- but can't get my head round SPRING! in November-....they must be desperate for our ££s- Aren't we all waiting for the sale?

Cadelaide Sat 22-Nov-08 21:44:11


cupsoftea Sat 22-Nov-08 21:44:36

There are so many 3/4 sleeves - ahhh!!!

Lastyearsmodel Sat 22-Nov-08 21:45:21

When is the sale?

Cadelaide Sat 22-Nov-08 21:45:43

I mean nope, Kristina's link doesn't work for me.

Scaredysquirrel Sat 22-Nov-08 21:46:11

I can't get onto the preview or the main boden site.

Cadelaide Sat 22-Nov-08 23:16:14

me neither Scaredy

Cadelaide Sat 22-Nov-08 23:23:30

So, those of you that can't get Boden, are you with Orange perchance? (desperately seeking common denominator).

Have tried opening in firefox, btw

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