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Question about hold ups (hosiery not the robbery kind)

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sherby Wed 12-Nov-08 20:50:42

Going out this weekend and I am wearing a rather short mini dress

obviously it is going to be freezing and corned beef legs are never a good look, so I want to wear some hold ups, but every pair I have found has a very wide band at the top which is visable. So do you think it would be very ott if you could see some of the top of the hold up or do you know where I could get some with a thin top band?

dress here

tights are a no no

FromGirders Wed 12-Nov-08 20:55:28

Cheaper hold-ups have a slightly thinner band - I think the pretty polly natural ones are quite thin.
However, as a regular stocking wearer, I think that dress looks on the short side of possible - obviously it depends on how tall you are and how long the dress is on you.
Visible tops is a no-no (IMHO).

hellymelly Wed 12-Nov-08 20:57:30

yes,it looks too short for hold ups,what is the prob with tights?

sherby Wed 12-Nov-08 20:57:45

I'm thinking no-no too

Not tall but quite long legs, will look out for the pp ones ta

sherby Wed 12-Nov-08 20:59:12

I have a THING about tights, yak

Usually just wear hold ups, but seem to have an abudance of lacey, frilly ones and no normal ones hmm

If I got nude ones, do you think that would be ok? you can honestly see about 2cms of stocking top

cmotdibbler Wed 12-Nov-08 21:00:44

That dress is very short for stockings ime, and you are going to see the tops (which may or may not bother you depending on where you are going).

Tights and More have a great range, and you can see the tops in the pictures. PP seem to be the narrowest, but if you don't mind them showing, then they have some really pretty ones

sherby Wed 12-Nov-08 21:04:18

Thanks for that link

Those Charnos Sheer ones look perfect the tops nearly match the stocking and it will be pretty dark anyway

hellymelly Wed 12-Nov-08 21:04:34

I think they would wreck the look of the dress and make it look cheap.Even knee length socks would be better than visible hold up top,are you an extra from cabaret? don't go there.I am a stocking wearer too but weeny skirts need tights in cold weather.Look on the Wolford website,sexiest tights it is possible to buy,get some.Go on.

pollypanties Mon 24-Feb-14 08:53:49

wear stockings with a sexy suspender belts.hold ups i find more of a slip down,i end upwearing with a belt or loads of garters just so they stay up,not good,stairs can i get to the top without hold ups round my strappy heels no.

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