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Rather embarrassing question about spots....[blush]

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pinktree Mon 10-Nov-08 18:01:55

I just really wanted to know if anyone else has had this and if anyone is out there who can help me!.....

Since I was about 10/11 years old I've had spots on my bum cheeks! I am so embarrassed and am cringing writing this!!! I am 26 now and have had ENOUGH!

I've been to my G.P - she couldn't tell me why and I tried a contraceptive pill, can't remember what it was called but made me utterly depressed after 2 days so came of it. It's the pill that Trinny (Trinny&Susannah) claimed cleared up her acne.

I body brush religiously every morning before shower.

I'm not over weight (although I am pregnant at mo)

Nothing seems to make them better I've had a couple of years of exercising regularly - doesn't make a difference.

I have never completely cut out wheat however.

PLEASE anyone know anything and why???


HeadFairy Mon 10-Nov-08 18:04:28

I get them too, seems to be worse when I wear jeans for a few days in a row. Could you try wearing a skirt and perhaps some loose underwear (difficult I know when your pg) like a string or something to let the air get to your cheeks? If it improves then you have your answer. If it doesn't then i'm not sure what the next step is. Perhaps you are over brushing and your skin is getting irritated?

pinktree Mon 10-Nov-08 18:18:47

Thanks Headfairy - wow I thought it was only me! I will try looser fitting clothing - although live in my maternity jeans!

Is there anyone who can tell me more??!

Already starting to get embarrassed about midwife's seeing me naked

themoon66 Mon 10-Nov-08 18:24:00

Another one here blush

I'm in my 40s and they have definitely got worse in the last 4 years.

Annthecat Mon 10-Nov-08 18:24:51

I have spots on my face but not on my bum, but have you tried the face type remedies?

What seems to be working well for me at the momemt is dermologica adult acne kit, with a wash and day and night cream, it really seems to be helping.

Could you tyr this on your arse?grinsorry.

themoon66 Mon 10-Nov-08 18:26:41

I do a lot of running and it seems to make them worse. I saw a thread on runners world about it too. when I stopped running for 6 weeks because of an injury, they did clear up.

I've taken to nicking blobs of my teenage son's prescription acne cream.

pinktree Mon 10-Nov-08 18:30:45

LOL Annthecat grin have tried face stuff in the past but I could give it a go.... I never suffered from spots on my face thought it was my one blessing... and then pregnant now and guess what! angry

pinktree Mon 10-Nov-08 18:33:45

That's interesting themoon66 for a while I thought it might be a circulation thing so did lots of exercise. (Nothing really changed)

Does the cream help?

So how long have you had them? Dare I ask?!

themoon66 Mon 10-Nov-08 18:37:00

pinktree... about 4 years. Although I did notice them first about 10 years ago, they have definitely got worse since I took up heavy duty exercise.

The acne cream doesn't seem to be working... ive been slapping it on for 2 weeks now.

Next test will be sudacreme.

Bluebutterfly Mon 10-Nov-08 18:41:27

I wonder if you are over exfoliating with the body brushing? Sometimes harsh treatment of your skin can actually stimulate oil glands to produce more oil. If I were you I would try to shower without brushing first and only use a soap for delicate skin (or even just rinse your bum cheeks and only use soap in more private parts wink) for a few weeks. And try not to ever touch the skin on your bottom. Do you wear cotton pants? Try some loose (and reasonably large bridget jonesesque) pants - ie no thongs, so that your bum is rubbing against cotton rather than anything more harsh or irritating. Also could you try to use a different laundry detergent. Something mild and non-bio (the sort of thing you would use for a baby) in case you are having a reaction to strong soaps and chemicals in your detergent.

Sorry if these ideas are not helpful, just wracking my brain...

pinktree Mon 10-Nov-08 18:42:07

I've even tried sudacreme grin Very sticky! Made my skin smoother and perhaps helped slightly..

I just really want to find out the cause it seems so odd and nobody seems to know anything.

HeadFairy Mon 10-Nov-08 18:42:23

My mum swears by germolene for spots on her face (depressing thought that we might still get breakouts in our 60s!) It smells foul but I guess it's not such a consideration it you're putting it on your bum

pinktree Mon 10-Nov-08 18:46:34

Thanks Bluebutterfly. The spots are the same whether I body brush or not, I use ecover washing liquid and I always wear cotton...

themoon66 Mon 10-Nov-08 18:47:59

pinktree... do you find the spots seem to last a whole lot longer than ones on your face?

pinktree Mon 10-Nov-08 18:48:05

I'm googling germolene now Headfairy thanks.

pinktree Mon 10-Nov-08 18:49:35

Well it's cheap! grin

pinktree Mon 10-Nov-08 18:51:18

themoon66 I think so... and sometimes they're massive and hurt! blush

HeadFairy Mon 10-Nov-08 18:57:50

certainly is. My mum's a bit of a pharmacy freak, will pay a fortune for all sorts of posh creams, but swears by Germolene so must be good.

girlandboy Mon 10-Nov-08 19:03:37

I love the smell of Germolene!

My ds called it Gerbilene when he was tiny, so that's what we always call it. Made from freshly squeezed gerbils!grin

Never thought to try it on my facial spots - I'll give it a go tonight.

Annthecat Mon 10-Nov-08 19:25:12

The spots I get on my face are due to oily skin and of the whitehead variety. I imagine that spots on your bum may be more the hard painful lump type? (this is nice isn't it?)

You'd think some docs would have worked out by now why this is?

HeadFairy Mon 10-Nov-08 19:31:10

Reminds me of hospital corridors girlandboy! Peeeeooooooow!

pinktree Mon 10-Nov-08 20:02:54

annthecat you'd think so wouldn't you hmm

O.K calling any doctors, homeopaths, ????paths?

Bluebutterfly Tue 11-Nov-08 12:53:22

It sounds hormonal. Perhaps a different pill would work, something that works on your hormones? What pill were you on?

pinktree Tue 11-Nov-08 13:38:17

It was dianette which is meant to be good for acne. However it made me so depressed after 2 days of taking it I came off it. Perhaps I could try another pill after I've got this baby out!

I would much rather go down the natural though...

Thanks for all the posts so far

problemchild1 Wed 26-Nov-14 12:00:04

hello i noticed germoline was mentioned and i think that is the one that will work best, it gets rid of spots overnight , i use it for chest acne, face spots and razor burn and it is amazing, plus it numbs pain as well so if it sore it'll work a treat. Smells disgusting and is sticky but it works smile

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