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Capsule winter wardrobe

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noonbear Sun 02-Nov-08 22:29:43

OK, I’m off shopping in a couple of days for a much needed wardrobe update. DS2 is 10 months so last year’s winter wardrobe (maternity) is a no go and I feel like I have totally taken my eye off the ball as to what’s in or out, looks good or not etc!
Please give me a few ideas as to what you would be looking for if you were me. I’m 5ft 4 and 10 top and curvy 10 small 12 bottom.


samsonara Mon 03-Nov-08 11:31:39

Some winter basics examples would be things like a knitted jumper dress, gilet, poloneck, jeans ( e.g. skinny or wide leg, high waisted is in), mini eg denim or one the knee A-line skirt to waer with coloured tights and a few tops to smarten up jeans and a long cardigan. When you've got what you want get some accessories, eg belts, hats , goves, hats etc.

SilentTerror Mon 03-Nov-08 11:39:31

Wide leg wool trousers in tweedy colour
Knee length or just above skirt,cord or denim
Jumper dress in neutral colour ie grey,brown that can be accessorised with various other colours
Waistcoat/sleeveless cardigan/jumper
Vneck jumper
Long sleeved tops in various colours.(have just got some from New Look for £5)
Camisole/vests in various colours to wear under dress/cardigan/jumper.(Primark do them for about £3)
Coloued tights
Hat(beanie/baker boy style)
Couple of long necklaces
Hope that helps,sounds alot though!

noonbear Mon 03-Nov-08 19:32:19

Thank you ladies - I feel much more prepared now grin

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