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where is best to order uggs from?

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DisasterArea Sun 02-Nov-08 16:07:32

the time has come for me to get some. need short ones as calves too fat for tall ones. like chocolate colour to hide the dirt.
where is best/cheapest and most reliable to orde some from?

Jewelsandgems Sun 02-Nov-08 19:32:03

Bumping for someone with more experience of online UGG shopping.

I personally recommend you go to a shop and buy them. That way you know you are getting the real thing, and you can try on lots of different colours to choose the perfect ones for you.

I have heard lots of horror stories of people ordering online to get a cheap deal and the boots being poor quality and fake.

Bought mine from a shop - and yeah, they were £180, but they are lovely and worth the money to me.

choufleur Sun 02-Nov-08 19:34:02

I bought a short pair of sheepskin boots last year. they're not ugg brand but are the most comfortable pair of shoes i've ever had and i've worn them to death ( well almost - they're still going but i could do with a new pair). i got them from far less than uggs but i think as good if you're not bothered about the brand

ilovemydog Sun 02-Nov-08 19:43:54

Apparently the original uggs


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