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eye creams and face mask that will give my skin a boost because............

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nightmarehell Sun 02-Nov-08 09:43:59

Going through a bad nightmare patch atm off too shops this afternoon for some retail therapy grin

need eye cream to help aging and red swollen skin from too much crying oh and lack of sleep not eating (says it all doesn't it)

also buying chanel foundation fancy new lumieire anto aging one anyone tried plus anything you can reccommend to make me feel better

honestfriend Sun 02-Nov-08 12:35:25

sorry you are going through a bad patch.

Clinique do a moisture surge gel, and I think they also do some pads or patches. I know Estee Lauder do a kind of eye patch that you put on, lie down and leave on for a while.

Bobbi Brown concealer is great too.

cornsilkpyrotechnicqueen Sun 02-Nov-08 12:42:48

elemis do a great eye cream. I tried the Neals Yard rose eye cream on here for cod and that was lovely as well - very soothing.

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