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lip venom

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bunny3 Thu 10-Mar-05 20:35:35

does it work? I want more pouty lips without collagen

loudmum Sat 12-Mar-05 12:39:01

never used it but according to my trinny and suzannah book buffing lips every day with a dry toothbrush helps plump them up... I do this when I have finshed brushing them and my lips are really smooth -- never any dry skin and they look good

karenanne Sun 13-Mar-05 08:01:08

ive just ordered some skin doctor perfect pout lip treatment from looks amazing its all natural ingredients and plumps your lips up for 5 hours.if you apply it 3 times a day it will last all day,or you can use it as a treatment applying it twice a day for 28 days for a long lasting effect.
it works by bringing the blood in your lips back to the surface so not only does it plump your lips it makes them a nice colour too.just apply it under gloss/lipstick etc or leave natural.and it works instantly.
cost £20 with p+p but if it works as well as it seemed to do on the telly i'll be very pleased.

bunny3 Sun 13-Mar-05 16:45:17

karenanne, let me know if it works - i'd love to try it.

loudmum, I use an electric brush, I might give it a go tonight, hope it doesnt leave them red raw!

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