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eczema-prone skin, and make up...

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shitsandgiggles Fri 31-Oct-08 19:47:05

Any tips? I'm getting to the age where I wouldn't mind a bit of make up to perk me up on an off day - I have Clarins (bought for my wedding day) but even that irritates my skin within an hour, and I certainly could not wear it regularly.

Any tips gratefully received!

cripesalorky Fri 31-Oct-08 19:49:23

sorry how rude - have name-changed now to another name! It's still me (the OP)


Ronaldinhio Fri 31-Oct-08 19:50:24

chanticaille, made for eczema

katch Fri 31-Oct-08 19:51:15

I've never been able to wear Clarins. After nmy most recent sensitive/eczematic bout (they tend to last a few years), I discovered Lavera. Not a huge range, but the grey eyeliner is good, and the skin creams. Look online for stockists.

velbels Fri 31-Oct-08 19:52:46

i have found Clarins irritates my eczema too but i have no problems with other makes.

cripesalorky Fri 31-Oct-08 19:53:19

Brilliant - thanks! I'm off to look these up on the internet


honestfriend Fri 31-Oct-08 19:56:56

Clinique- had bad eczema on my face for years an it didn't irritate.

ohdearwhatamess Fri 31-Oct-08 20:00:51

Clinique is the only one I've tried that doesn't give me eczema (although obv haven't tried everything). Clarins particularly bad imo.

Ronaldinhio Fri 31-Oct-08 20:01:27

clinique was far too astringent for me...what bits did you use?

cripesalorky Fri 31-Oct-08 20:05:55

hmm, so one vote against Clinique too! Am looking for a chanticaille stockist - there are 12 shades of foundation, and it's difficult to choose online!

Ronaldinhio Fri 31-Oct-08 20:09:23

space nk stock it

honestfriend Fri 31-Oct-08 20:14:53

Are we talking skin care or foundation?

I use Clinique Repair Wear foundation but have also used Dewy Smooth and another one in the range for dry skin- sorry the name escapes me.

I currently cleanse with L'Oreal for mature skins, but that's my budget option- I prefer REN cleanser for sensitive skin.
I use Clinique super defence moisturise and City Block sun screen every day all year round. And their Anti Gravity eye cream.

At night I use REN frankinsence repair cream or their Omega 3 Serum.

Verso Fri 31-Oct-08 20:16:23

Clinique gave me a red rash and made my skin itch. I wanted to get samples of Bare Minerals today as lots of people rave about it but I stood by the counter for ages and the sales assistant served three other people first. I think I'm invisible despite my eight month pg bump!!!

If you find any make up that works without irritating the skin, let me know!

cripesalorky Fri 31-Oct-08 20:21:09

foundation is what I would really like - and also eye make up (very sensitive skin around my eyes)

I assume I can use no anti-ageing stuff, though, as I say I am that age, and would dearly love to try something!

REN is a new name for me - off to check out. Thanks honestfriend

Thanks ronaldinhio - we have a space nk near (scary and shiny and full of beautiful people!!)

I will certainly keep you posted verso - good luck with the bump! smile

honestfriend Fri 31-Oct-08 20:23:08

REN have a good site online

cripesalorky Fri 31-Oct-08 20:24:15

ooh ooh - free 'halloween' masks!! (natural cosmetic ones!)


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