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helpy helpy

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LaSpooky Fri 31-Oct-08 16:08:02

Can you find me a cord skirt?

I'm not too fussy about the colour but I do like A-line and not too short.

I have a tummy to disguise and I'm a size 14.

I do not like ruffles or this as it has a mumsy flounce.

Oh and the M+S one is really badly made .. see? I have tried.

LaSpooky Fri 31-Oct-08 16:18:09

ok. should have put what i was looking for in thread title. i'll give it a few minutes to see if anyone turns up.

AuraofDora Fri 31-Oct-08 16:22:53

sorry detest dont wear cord, it's ord, and therefore cant encourage said wear of


LaSpooky Fri 31-Oct-08 16:23:46

That's ok. I don't need to be encouraged.

LaSpooky Fri 31-Oct-08 17:10:03

abandon thread!

AuraofDora Fri 31-Oct-08 17:13:01

oh dont abandon it, have never had an abandoned thread before, feel a bit rotten now
just never got cords....

bumping for cord helpers!!!

LaSpooky Fri 31-Oct-08 17:16:27

no no you've got me wrong. I've reposted under a more helpful title.

AuraofDora Fri 31-Oct-08 17:24:26

so am not on your deathsquad list then, phew..

LaTrucha Sat 01-Nov-08 14:41:40

If I was still LaSpooky I might have haunted you but now I'm LaTrucha again, I'll just splash you with a bit of water grin

AuraofDora Sat 01-Nov-08 15:46:43

oh you are a kind hearted watery type!
did they fecking cordy lovers find you a skirt then?

LaTrucha Sat 01-Nov-08 16:49:51

I got two. bbbthrrrrrrrrrrrump.

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