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Recommendations for gloves to keep my hands warm please

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jsgirl Fri 31-Oct-08 12:22:18

I'm looking for a pair of gloves that will keep my hands warm and also that I'll be able to wear when driving. I did get some leather ones from M&S last year as a Christmas present but they didn't keep my hands warm (and they cracked after a short time - the gloves not my hands).

What kind of thing should I be looking for? Is it the lining that's important? Sorry if these seem really daft questions but I'm fed up with wearing gloves but having cold hands!


LetThemEatCake Fri 31-Oct-08 15:33:32

how's about cashmere? brora and pure do some gorgeous ones.

Eniddo Fri 31-Oct-08 15:39:05

m and s leather gloves are terrible quality

sheepskin or a leather glove with a fleece lining will keep your hands toasty

cashmere and wool knitted are horrid if your hands get damp for any reason

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