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hair removal

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MumRum Fri 31-Oct-08 10:18:29

I have a couple of questions for those of you that have either waxed or used hair removal cream
1. when the hair grows back, is it more noticeable?
2. how often do you have to do it..
3. what do you use.. any recomendations?


mppaw Fri 31-Oct-08 10:44:06

I have my legs, under arms and top lip waxed about every 5-6 weeks as not v hairy now as have been having it done for about 2 years.
I am PG so have started on my flanjo, last Wednesday to be precise !! I can't see it anymore so unable to keep the lady garden under control so thought I would go for it.
It hurt ALOT, but well worth it and will continue with it so hopefully it will start to come thur less and less.

I would defo recommend waxing, the paid last for about 15 seconds and it is really nice to lay there and be pampered.

HTH wink

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