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the purple tights thing - now I get it!

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BlueCowWonders Thu 30-Oct-08 19:52:59

was thinking how horrible they are, but in the 80s way, bright bright purple. But I've just seen a woman in heather purple tights and they looked so great (and with similar coloured gloves too). I have seen the light and it is heather, not violet.

And just been to Heathrow and seen several women (travelling, not staff) in thin white tights - what are they thinking of?!

mynameisluka Thu 30-Oct-08 19:56:13

Was it me you saw? Did you like my hair too? wink

BlueCowWonders Thu 30-Oct-08 20:00:40

must have been you! Couldn't see your hair under the umbrella, but I imagine it was lovely...

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