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Is there something you didn't buy and wish you had , or something you didn't keep that you wish you had?

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samsonara Thu 30-Oct-08 15:16:09

I didn't buy a gorgeous black woollen Chanel style sequinned edged Jacket from Fenn Wright and Mason,it was £250 and I know it's crazy but I have missed it ever since. The dress I often wished I'd kept was a Miss Selfriges purple and blue floaty knee length with bell sleeves and ruffles made of sheer polyester with a paisley pattern..I was so in love with it on first sight, I even thought at the time I should also buy the next size up aswell for if I ever got fatter, LOL! (could these have been the clothes loves of my life?)

MrsMopple Thu 30-Oct-08 15:25:50

When I was pregnant and clearing out stuff I took a load of shoes to the charity shop, including a pair of wedge flip flops and a pair of wedge heeled loafers (sound foul, but were great for short skirts and opaque tights for work). I miss them both!

kettlechip Thu 30-Oct-08 19:49:15

a gorgeous Armani shearling coat. I ummed and aahed over it for ages, but I bet I'd still be wearing it 5 years on if I'd bought the thing. It was also £250..

serin Thu 30-Oct-08 20:12:45

I gave away 2 vintage dresses that belonged to my grandmother, "cruisewear" and very glam.

They were a size 14 and in my pre baby ignorance I thought I would never reach that size! blush

Kept the gloves, bags and silk scarves though smile

Beachcomber Thu 30-Oct-08 20:32:46

A red leather coat that was on sale in a really cool and trendy shop the likes of which I'm not usually seen in. Was reduced from over 200 quid to less than 100.

Wasn't the right time for me to part with that kind of cash and I so didn't need a frivilous red coat.

Still think about it as 'my' coat and wish I'd just got it.

(It sounds foul by the way but it was classy rock chick and sort of elegant at the same time)

expatinscotland Thu 30-Oct-08 20:34:58

Oh yes!

I had an absolutely gorgeous pair of red leather Kenneth Cole wedge heels.

That I gave away in a fit of PND.

I miss my Bass Weejun penny and tassel loafters.

My monogrammed wool jumper from The Limited.

slackrunner Thu 30-Oct-08 20:38:50

Yes - the vintage dress that my mum made into a 20s style flapper dress when she was at Uni.

A floor length Armani dress, with diamante straps, that belonged to my mum. It would be considered vintage now, and it was divine.

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