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Advice needed on jeans

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pamelat Thu 30-Oct-08 14:02:42

Pre DD I was a UK size 8.

9 months on and I have accepted (despite exercise) that I will not be a size 8 for a while (not too upset about this). Hardly any of my trousers or jeans fit me, or they fasten with a horrible spill of tummy over the top (not nice)

I bought a size 12 cheap pair (Miss Selfridges sale) 4 months back but these are now too big and I need to invest in a size 10 pair.

I need a short leg jean which limits where I can buy some.

I am happy for my budget to stretch to up to about £100 as I want to love these jeans and wear them most days.

Does anyone know any makes of jean which are flattering (especially on the bum), available in a short leg and in my price limit?

I would prefer them to be straight leg, or skinny fit but am happy to try different ideas.

I would also like (I am asking a lot!!) for them to be a high enough waist that they dont reveal my pants to the world if I bend or sit down!! That shouldnt be too much to ask but is a big problem with my current jeans.

mosschops30 Thu 30-Oct-08 14:06:42

I love river island jeans, they do 3 lengths I think

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