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Dyeing bleached hair

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countessofmontecristo Wed 29-Oct-08 15:18:23

I have had my hair highlighted blonde ( bleach was used) at the hairdressers, but now I have dark roots showing through. I can't really afford to go back to hairdressers again just yet, and wondered if anyone has advice for dying it myself and if there's any products you could recommend or avoid.

PuppyMonkey Wed 29-Oct-08 15:22:56

I'd go back to the hairdressers personally and get your roots done properly. Home dyes are a bit tricky and rubbish and also fade out very quickly - you'll only have to do it again quite soon anyway!

Jewelsandgems Wed 29-Oct-08 16:30:50

To ensure seamless blending of your current highlights and your roots, I really advise you wait til you can afford to get your roots done at the salon. The bleach used in home kits is not as strong, and the result could be more of an orangy shade, than a light transparent blonde you get at the hairdressers.

To try and disguise roots, try parting your hair further to the side, and wearing lots of hats grin but no seriously, there are lots of lovely winter hats around right now

countessofmontecristo Wed 29-Oct-08 17:03:58

Thanks for the replies. You've probably saved me from a nightmare hair disaster. I will stop trying to be such a tight git and go to the hairdressers.

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