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what have you got in your wardrobe?

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Triggerhappy Thu 10-Mar-05 08:35:49

i want to have a spring clean with my wardrobe, how many things & what sort of things should i leave myself with?

what do you other ladies have in yours? (nosey cow, eh?)

sweetmonkey Thu 10-Mar-05 08:44:38

a smart pair of jeans, black trousers, a skirt ,tops etc
this prob really isnt any use to you as i am the worst person that could have replied.
i cannot throw anything away, i am a person who thinks "this could come in handy one day". it never does but i know its there should i neeed it.
sorry this isnt much help but try and keep one of each of the above in, cant fail to go wrong then

Bozza Thu 10-Mar-05 08:52:04

I think there is a difference between what we have in our wardrobes and what we should have in our wardrobe. I had a big clear out after Christmas and still have loads of clothes (well DH says so since I am spilling over into his space).

misdee Thu 10-Mar-05 08:59:05

i have clothes and shoes

i also have some chocolates/sweets hidden in there lol.

Ameriscot2005 Thu 10-Mar-05 09:05:21

I got rid of everything in my wardrobe that didn't fit me, was damaged/stained, was frumpy, or just didn't suit me. That was about 80% of my wardrobe...I now have almost nothing to wear, but at least I can see what's there and not have to rummage as much.

Miaou Thu 10-Mar-05 09:06:14

misdee, me too !!!!!!!!!!!!!

(that's to the chocs and sweets!!)

I had a ruthless clearout when I moved house last month, and am left with:

4 or 5 pairs of jeans

3 fleece tops

3 cotton shirts

1 dress

1 skirt

2 pairs of flat shoes

2 pairs heels

1 smart trouser suit

1 smart coat

1 walking jacket (ie waterproof)

Bear in mind that a. I work from home, and b. I have no fashion sense and have not bought anything new (apart from maternity wear) for over a year! Plus I've just put in what I have for this time of year, in addition I've got some t-shirts and lightweight trousers for summer.

sweetmonkey Thu 10-Mar-05 09:14:18

how do you manage to throw stuff out,i have 5 or 6 pairs of smart jeans, skirts, trousers and tops coming out of my ears. (not literally)
i have 2 big wardrobes full of clothes, an airing cupboard full and three boxes and thats without my 80 pairs of shoes.
i really should clear out but like i said before its always thinking it could come in handy.
maybe i could sell some on ebay , might be bit more of an incentive then....
to buy more stuff.

Bozza Thu 10-Mar-05 09:18:59

I would hate to have so few clothes as that miaou. I do like to have a choice of what to wear.

mrspink27 Thu 10-Mar-05 09:19:52

I think Life laundry (that was on the tv) said anything you havent worn for 2 years, anything that doesnt fit, or as someone else said, is stained damaged or out of fashion(whatever that is!)
you could use black bags and your loft as a halfway house... if you have space, take anything you think you arent sure about and bung it in a black bag, put it in the roof and in 6months, if you havent missed anything in it, you are safe to eBay or charity shop it...
you have to be ruthless tho.
having said that my wardrobe is full of things i can get into but dont want to, cant get into and would love to and maternity stuff that i dont want to wear now either.... if i could just lose that extra weight,..... then who knows!!!

Ameriscot2005 Thu 10-Mar-05 09:21:59

Yeah, duplicates is something to throw out too.

Very easy to get rid of to charity.

Bozza Thu 10-Mar-05 10:34:23

I think a lot of us here who have youngish children will have clothes that don't fit perfectly. Even the clothes I bought in the Jan sales are a bit loose now, but some of the clothes I had at my smallest are still too tight. However I am not planning on having any more children so should be able to get rid of the biggest clothes.

TracyK Thu 10-Mar-05 10:45:38

I have loads of lovely clothes that I refuse to throw out - pity they are 2 sizes too small. One day......
I can be quite ruthless and try and advocate not wearing anything that doesn't make you feel at your best. My downfall is keeping dodgy tops/tshirts to wear 'underneath' things.

gingerbear Thu 10-Mar-05 13:15:44

Far too much that doesn't fit me, stuff I had forgotten that I had, Suits from when I was a power hungry career ladder climbing strumpet.

I found a skirt from 1990 the other day. And a pair of leather sandals from India that were mouldy.

gingerbear Thu 10-Mar-05 13:16:51

Oh, and I have a drawer full of souvenir teeshirts from holidays!!!

Dawna Walters please rescue me from this textile hell.

NomDePlume Thu 10-Mar-05 13:17:48

How appropriate ! I did my wardrobe last night, mainly cos we had a cancer research bag come through the door and they were collecting this morning. I managed to fill 3 bags to the brim with stuff . 1/2 of one bag was mine, the rest was DH's . AND his clothes still take up 3/4 of the hanging space in our wardrobes....

Spongebob Thu 10-Mar-05 13:28:43

I have about 3 things that fit me and loads of stuff I hopelessly hold onto in case some miracle happens and a lose a stone or two!

alicatsg Thu 10-Mar-05 13:51:52

2 black trouser suits for work, 2 black skirts, selection of black tops, jeans, skanky sweatshirt from pg days, maternity jumpers in shades I'd never wear if not hormonally challenged, 1 black cocktail dress bought in optimistic fit and never worn, 2 identical grey (oooh daring) pashminas. lots of casual black tops. 1 camel coat for work, big fleece jacket for casual (black...), 2 pairs jeans that are too big for me and torn.

Lots of black boots and shoes.

I think I may be in a rut.

Miaou Thu 10-Mar-05 13:55:27

Funnily enough black is a colour I never wear. I have one black pair of trousers, given to me by my mum, which I have never even tried on. Don't even have any black shoes.

posyhairdresser Thu 10-Mar-05 14:53:59

What is your lifestyle - can you plan outfits around that?

TheVillageIdiot Thu 10-Mar-05 15:04:15

How do you all manage with so little choice?? I have at least 30 pairs of shoes (at a rough guess)

I know I need a clear out but I just don't think I'd be able to choose what to keep and what to throw away. Admitedly I have to do something as I have run out of room. I even use the airing cupboard as a kind of make shift wardrobe but the I cant get the door closed anymore and it's really pissing me off! I am a hoarder.

Smurfgirl Thu 10-Mar-05 22:56:08

Ok I just looked because I was curious about how many clothes I do own!

5 tight knit v-necks, 7 basic vests, 4 fancy vests, 3 wrap tops, 2 cute cardis, 2 polos, 2 logo tees, 7 going out tops, 3 fitted tees, 3 uniforms , 2 blouses, 2 big jumpers, 2 off the shoulder tops, 2 boob tubes, 4 random tops, 2 minis, 2 pairs of jeans, 3 pairs black trousers, 1 pain combats, 5 knee length skirts!

And about 20 pairs of shoes!!


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