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Can anyone advise an ignoramus about semi-permanent hairdye and how long it should last?

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CoffeeCrazedMama Wed 29-Oct-08 12:32:36

Dd (aged 14) did a truly awful homedye job on herself, trying to get from dark brown to blonde, and therefore arriving at orange.

When she tired of this look, I paid to have the hairdresser dye it back to brown. It was supposed to be semi-permanent, but annoyingly the hairdresser also put some (expensive) highlights in.

At first it looked good, but 3 weeks later it is orange again - should that be the case? Before I complain (the owner of the salon has cut my hair for years and I don't want to fall out with them by steaming in) is this what should happen, and should we have asked for permanent? I was hoping it would stay brown until it all grew out. I have always been happy with my own colour so despite advanced years know nothing of hairdye, so am hoping wise mnetters can advise.

cuttingmeownthroatdibblaaaargh Wed 29-Oct-08 12:40:00

A semi should last about 24 washes - so thats about right for teenage hairwashing frequency.

You need to get them to dye it permanently to close to her actual hair colour

CoffeeCrazedMama Wed 29-Oct-08 13:17:05

Oh I see. I wish the blonde she did had only lasted 24 washes - obv bleaching is bleaching, isn't it, whatever it says on the tin. sad

Thanks for the response - makes it clearer!

chuggabopps Wed 29-Oct-08 13:37:20

Its possible that the bleach involved in the home kit has damaged the condition of the hair- and so the hair dresser opted for a semi permanant to go on top as it would be less harmful to the condition than permanant dye. Bleach causes the hair to become pourous- so the permanant dyes on top could cause it to fall out (or be like candy floss). I know cos i did similar to my own hair two years ago- after the home kit session I had to sneak out of the house in a headscarf to find a hairdresser to put it right for me.

CoffeeCrazedMama Wed 29-Oct-08 13:59:20

chuggabopps - thank you so much for posting this. Dd had decided that if the hairdresser wasn't going to fix it for no further payment (cost £100 last time shock she would get a dark one from Boots for a fiver!!!

I will show her your post - she would refuse to leave the house if her hair broke or frizzed (as it is she won't go to school without straightening it - I don't know how it hasn't fallen out by now)! Maybe orange is better than the alternative! grin

chuggabopps Wed 29-Oct-08 14:16:29

please tell her to go back to the pros if she is at all concerned about the condition and colour- the pigment balance in professional dyes can correct for what the bleach took out.
Plus they would also be able to advise if any cutting or styling were required to minimise the effects of the bleach- (six inches off the length of mine plus layers added to remove the worst of the floss hair).

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