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what shoes would you wear with polo neck jumper dress?

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widgypog Mon 27-Oct-08 19:41:10

any ideas please? I have mary janes and i think they look ok but am unsure

PhantomOfTheChocolateCakeAvena Mon 27-Oct-08 19:42:25

Long boots or sexy stilletoes (sp?) depends what look you are going for.

mynameisluka Mon 27-Oct-08 19:43:22

Boots are my preference But Mary janes are good too I think.

widgypog Mon 27-Oct-08 19:44:22

well i am very small but curvy i.e size 10 v small waist with boobs so nothing too sexy or ill look like a hooker..something in between

PhantomOfTheChocolateCakeAvena Mon 27-Oct-08 19:45:29

Long boots.

widgypog Mon 27-Oct-08 19:54:17


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