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Lip Balm

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honestfriend Mon 27-Oct-08 18:39:44

Just want to sing the praises of REN honey lip balm.
I have got the most awfully dry lips and need to constantly apply balm- and Boots lipsalve doesn't seem to do anything.
Splashed out on Ren today and it feels lovely. Hope it lasts as it was a £tenner- anyone else used it?

watsthestory Mon 27-Oct-08 18:40:59

Message withdrawn

Lauriefairycake Mon 27-Oct-08 18:41:43

I find honey lip balms the best - the Body shop one is good and I'm currently using one I bought in Julian Graves- called Jason Lips Aloe and Beeswax 70% organice

traceybath Mon 27-Oct-08 18:47:06

I'm a lip balm addict. My favourites are creme de la mer and By Terry. Both expensive but good and last for ages.

honestfriend Mon 27-Oct-08 18:59:12

Brush off the dead cracked skin- don't think that would work- I tend to pick off the dead dry skin (yuck) and all I end up with is lips that feel smooth but are dry and cracked the next day!

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