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got no norks, what shaped tops?

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HaventSleptForAYear Sun 26-Oct-08 17:14:24

Am about to embark on major spree - my mum is babysitting.

I need work clothes and weekend clothes.

I see a lot of scoop-necked kaftan-type things but am guessing they are no good on nork-less top? (32B)

Any pointers so I don't get it totally wrong AGAIN?

scaryfucker Mon 27-Oct-08 11:16:08

I have smallish boobs (34b) on a size 12 frame.

I think small boobs can get away with anything tbh.

However, mine sit a bit lower than they should (post 2 dc) so some things look horrid on me.

Tightfitting polo necks, the scoop neck kaftan thingies, any ruching at the bust etc all tend to highlight the low-slung look sad

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