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Brogues for women.

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Beetroot Sun 26-Oct-08 08:31:19

Feminine shape. small heel (inch) and longer toe

saw some beautiful ones form Church's but cannot get there.

Anyone seen any others that can be bought online?

Beetroot Sun 26-Oct-08 09:06:33


Ronaldinhio Sun 26-Oct-08 10:58:26

russell and bromley in oxblood?

postLady Sun 26-Oct-08 12:10:06

suede ones here

Beetroot Sun 26-Oct-08 12:19:14

I can't get onto the R ad B website

Like the suede but not over keen on suede.

MuAHAHAHAHAHmi Sun 26-Oct-08 13:44:12

I saw a pair of lovely high and chunky heeled, patent court shoe version of brogues years ago and wish I'd bought them as I've never seen anything else since. Very retro.

A mary jane or wedge heel could also look nice. Any ideas?

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