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Have we all seen this utterly fabulous underwear site?

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TheDuchessOfNorksDied Sat 25-Oct-08 20:08:18

I have seen the future. The Knicker Picker

Tis ver' ver' clever (said a geek today blush). It has real moving models in different sizes and they appear in whatever styles you click on. And they turn round and walk about (and jog if it's sportswear so you can check for 'bounce') grin.

My DHs 20-something male colleagues were raving about it. [raises eyes emoticon]

MrsGhost Sat 25-Oct-08 20:44:16

Wow what a great idea .. dh thought it was good too. hmm

TheDuchessOfNorksDied Sun 26-Oct-08 14:38:48

It is, isn't it? (clearly nobody else thought so).

foxinsocks Sun 26-Oct-08 14:47:01

my model doesn't seem to want to try on any cleavage or push up bras lol

foxinsocks Sun 26-Oct-08 14:51:17

it's a bit disconcerting...but not sure why!

(my model also hadn't tried on any sports bras so obviously as sporty as I am then!)

Star1ightExpress Sun 26-Oct-08 14:54:56

nor mine!

More models please!

Star1ightExpress Sun 26-Oct-08 14:54:58

nor mine!

More models please!

Cremolatorium Sun 26-Oct-08 15:12:55

we want big girl models!

CombustiblePumpkin Sun 26-Oct-08 15:14:25

I want a site that allows me to pick clothing combinations on the models. Like a lacy bra, granny pants and wellies grin

CombustiblePumpkin Sun 26-Oct-08 15:15:19

And I want to be able to put the size 6 girl in long johns.

beaniescreamyb Sun 26-Oct-08 15:20:29

model no 3 won't wear the thongs in red, without a bikini underneath!

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