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what would you wear to a party with the theme Moulin Rouge??

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drinkmoretea Fri 24-Oct-08 22:15:50

thats it really, haven't got the foggiest where to even start looking..

samsonara Fri 24-Oct-08 23:04:12

That sound's like it will be fun. Think glamourous OTT, slinky dresses, fishnets, tulle skirts, full make up, feather boas, corsets lace and colour showgirl etc. I think anywhere between Dita Von Teese style and Nicole Kidman, in her role in Moulin Rouge. You can get high street shop ideas e.g.
feather boa, lace corset
lace skirt
sequin mask

FlameThrowersKillZombies Fri 24-Oct-08 23:06:45

Corset, fishnets. summat little on the bottom half too

drinkmoretea Sat 25-Oct-08 20:18:18

i really like the corset but i have really crap legs, ould i wear trousers? or a long skirt - but what like?? love the mask too!!

AlistairSim Sat 25-Oct-08 20:38:28

A windmill?

southeastalien Sat 25-Oct-08 20:40:08

a bottle of absinthe

lou33 Sat 25-Oct-08 20:44:42

something like this?

drinkmoretea Sat 25-Oct-08 20:57:14

i like that lou but too short at the front, can i wear with opaques?? hmm thought not!

lou33 Sat 25-Oct-08 21:04:04


lou33 Sat 25-Oct-08 21:05:21

or this?

lou33 Sat 25-Oct-08 21:06:06

also this

TheDuchessOfNorksDied Sat 25-Oct-08 21:06:28

If you're very short, you could wear a black trouser suit, a bowler hat and wave a paintbrush about. Voila! Toulouse-Lautrec.

drinkmoretea Sat 25-Oct-08 21:19:32

ooh lou you're good! i like the first one, i have trawled through ebay but didn't see that, nice and cheap too!!

lou33 Sat 25-Oct-08 21:20:28

ooh i am glad to help

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