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help to disguise mismatched boobs

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missmatch Fri 24-Oct-08 12:37:34


like alot of women I have one boob smaller than the other. I think it is noticable when I'm dressed but more so to me. It seems worse since bf ds though I stopped a while ago.

What can I do to disguise it? Any tips please. I would like surgery eventually but tbh, if I can look normal with something non surgical then that would be better. Undressed, it is noticable but not enough for me to be concerned with dp. Thanks

missmatch Fri 24-Oct-08 12:38:53

any bra's or chicken fillets eg anyone has tried. Not sure where to start

2point4kids Fri 24-Oct-08 12:44:31

I've got mismatched boobs too. Probably about a cup size difference so quite noticeable. Has got worse since I had Dcs even though I didnt BF.

I tend to find its much more noticeable without clothes on (although I dont really care tbh, I'm very comnfortable with DH and he doesnt mind!) but in clothes and a good fitting bra it should be much less noticeable.
You might find that because you know they are different sizes that it looks obvious to you, but nobody else would notice it?

Have you been fitted for a bra properly? That will help as well I think.
Perhaps those bras with the slightly padded insert that you can remove (and then take one side out only?)

twinkletoesbellyrolls Fri 24-Oct-08 13:29:45

ohmygosh - me too!

When I first started wearing a bra - I used to fill the other bra cup with tissue and sometimes even a sock! tragic i know.

Have upgraded to a set of chicken fillets from La Senza - they really work a treat and I can now wear fitted tops without feeling exposed!

I went for a M+S bra fitting in the summer (first time in 25 yrs of bra wearing) and the woman was really helpful. She suggested underwired, tshirt bras have the best shaped to compensate for the smaller breast and then putting the chicken fillet into the cup of the smaller breast. I wasnt at all embarrased and then overheard her telling the teenage girl in the next cubicle the same thing.

Thank you for this - I do feel better now! lol!

clarebear1 Fri 24-Oct-08 14:08:10

I have this prob too,mine a cup and half difference and am very insecure about it.
Have sooo much trouble buying bras hate it hate it,so when i do find one that fits properly i buy bulk of them haha.
I just put extra padding in the smaller cup until after half hour of walking around its come loose and is under my armpit lol!
Having big trouble finding a bra for tomoro night,wearing a low cut vest tit top,fink ill ave to purchase sum chicken fillets and prey they dnt fall out.

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