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Which above the knee skirt?

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pushchair Mon 20-Oct-08 14:18:30

OK having been reassured that I can wear shorter skirts I am looking for a black one like this Its out of stock just now. Anywhere else anyone can suggest?

TheDevilWearsPrimark Mon 20-Oct-08 14:20:16

Oh no, far too 'frumpy mum trying to be glam'

Go for a cord one, maybe charcoal grey?

TheDevilWearsPrimark Mon 20-Oct-08 14:20:42

Sorry, not suggesting you are a frumpy mum trying to be glam.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Mon 20-Oct-08 14:22:55

This would be lovely with boots

TheDevilWearsPrimark Mon 20-Oct-08 14:23:21

And this

pushchair Mon 20-Oct-08 14:23:53

Ok i am a frumpy mum but do not want to glam it up just want practical nice skirt I can throw on day after day- gosh that does sound frumpy. Any particular skirt you can suggest? Link?

pushchair Mon 20-Oct-08 14:24:32

Oh thanks is that what is referred to as an x post?

pushchair Mon 20-Oct-08 14:26:22

Ooh like the first though did think straight due to aged hips and backside.

scaryfucker Mon 20-Oct-08 14:26:31 l=alphanu&layout=productdetail

that is a nice one

also like DWP's suggestions

puppydavies Mon 20-Oct-08 14:27:12

how about stretch denim? i got one in primark the other day, couple of inches above the knee so nothing indecent. it buttons up the front at both sides, sailor stylee, so a bit "current". came with shoulder straps but i took them off. £8 or £12 iirc, sizing came up small though.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Mon 20-Oct-08 14:27:27

Ha ha it is indeed.

For everyday skirts on the knee is better than above the knee, but that's just my opinion.

Also, maybe shift dresses with shirts or jumpers underneath? There are loads in the shops at the moment.

pushchair Mon 20-Oct-08 14:27:55

Oh oh its dry clean only. Thats a no no

TheDevilWearsPrimark Mon 20-Oct-08 14:28:15

Oh the fat face one is gorgeous (checks bank balance)

scaryfucker Mon 20-Oct-08 14:29:08

I have it on my birth day list smile

pushchair Mon 20-Oct-08 14:30:16

Primark- apart from being the apparel of the devil apparently, are a shop miles away from me and therefore out of reach. Fat face looks messy imo sorry

scaryfucker Mon 20-Oct-08 14:31:29

nah, not messy

wear with thick tights, flat boots and plain close-fitting top


OrmIrian Mon 20-Oct-08 14:32:43

I don't like those flarey sort of skirts on me. I have long legs but also quite wide hips. SKirts of that shape make me look like a ship in full sail. I'd personally prefer something closer-fitting. Am also on the look out pushchair - needs some more work clothes. I will let you know if I find something.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Mon 20-Oct-08 14:33:19

I agree not messy, but if you think it is it's probably not for you.

Reminds me of a friend who got a crinkle chiffon shirt as a gift and spent ages trying to iron it. pmsl.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Mon 20-Oct-08 14:34:53

wide hips and a close fitting skirt must be knee length or just below. MUST.

There are loads of lovely pencil skirts, some with tiny splits up the sides or back which is a good thing.

pushchair Mon 20-Oct-08 14:39:42

Pencil skirts not for me. See hip and bum comments above. its not that I have a big bum but do have wide hips in a size 10. Sort of wide and flat and do not think emphasising hips a good idea. Also want to wear boots and cant see pencil skirt and flat boots together

scaryfucker Mon 20-Oct-08 14:40:05

am lovin this

retro skirt

TheDevilWearsPrimark Mon 20-Oct-08 14:42:10

Oh do emphasise your hips!

pushchair Mon 20-Oct-08 14:43:04

Am laughing at "a stylish piece to be treasured forever" They dont take themselves and their denim skirt too seriously do they!

pushchair Mon 20-Oct-08 14:48:25

How about this

puppydavies Mon 20-Oct-08 14:54:54

heh i bought that one and returned it. it's not really short, just on the knee (i'm 5'6") but it's just a bit "clumpy" if that makes sense, the buttons are a bit big and there's a lot of fabric in it and the sizing runs enooormous

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