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FAQ Sat 18-Oct-08 23:09:54

link{ 30&linkId=7941637\who in their right mind would wear this????}

FAQ Sat 18-Oct-08 23:10:33


and £190 too!!

AnarchyAunt Sat 18-Oct-08 23:12:51

Not just who would wear it, but who would wear it with high heels?????

CharCharBaGOOOOOOORE Sat 18-Oct-08 23:13:24

I quite like jumpsuits blush Not to wear obviously, I would look like an Oompa Loompa, but I just like looking at them and thinking, 'What is must be like to wear one of those and look glam rather than like a mechanic.' grin Tis extortionate though. And who realistically is going to wear it?

BoysAreLikeZombies Sat 18-Oct-08 23:14:47

I had a jumpsuit in the eighties


HRHSaintMamazon Sat 18-Oct-08 23:14:52

that is farking hideous.
unless your a mechanic then why oh why would you?

FAQ Sat 18-Oct-08 23:14:59

I just don't see how anyone could look glam in a boiler suit (sorry that's what it is I don't care what anyone says)

Flightattendant2 Sat 18-Oct-08 23:17:08

Ok. I have got TWO of them but mine are genuine, cotton and actually look brilliant. grin

I used to wear them to work at motorbike engineers. With tall boots.

That's what they're actually for! I kept them as a mementoe. They're a bit oily though.

FAQ Sat 18-Oct-08 23:19:28

FA - that's totally different - and you're completely let off for that. grin

Besides - I bet you didn't pay £190 to get those multi-functioning pockets

childrenofthecornsilk Sat 18-Oct-08 23:20:09

I would like to be young enough able to wear a jumpsuit again.

childrenofthecornsilk Sat 18-Oct-08 23:20:37

boys we are 80's babes grin

FAQ Sat 18-Oct-08 23:22:47

ok you had on in the 80's - fair enough people wore lots of odd things for day wear in the 80's - but this 2008 (not far from 2009) .........admittedly I'm not "into" fashion at all, couldn't tell you what was "this" season, "last" season, or hasn't been in season for the last 10yrs.........

lilolilmanchester Sat 18-Oct-08 23:22:51

i had one a bit like that in burgundy when I was at uni (early 80s). Thought it was fab, now realise it was probably hideous, even back then!!!

childrenofthecornsilk Sat 18-Oct-08 23:23:25

I like them!

Flightattendant2 Sat 18-Oct-08 23:23:46

No FAQ they were about £2 from an auto jumble!

one blue, one black. I actually fancied myself in them, what a poser. grin

lOL at multi function pockets! [grin hmm

MrsBadger Sat 18-Oct-08 23:24:14

I;m just boggling at what other functions pockets could have except as, um, pockets

Flightattendant2 Sat 18-Oct-08 23:25:33

You're so innocent, MrsB smile

childrenofthecornsilk Sat 18-Oct-08 23:25:51

Jump suits always remind me of Gary Numan who I thought was a GOD

MrsBadger Sat 18-Oct-08 23:28:13

it's a pocket

if it had said 'multifunctional zipped openings near convenient orifices' I would be more amenable

but pockets...

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