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URGH, having one of those days when all of my clothes look crap

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IllegallyBrunette Sat 18-Oct-08 11:44:51

Feel like resorting to tracksuit bottoms, but I don't actually own any.

Jewelsandgems Sat 18-Oct-08 13:43:17

I know what you mean. Every now and again (usuallu just before my period) everything looks shit on me. And I resort to wearing some jeans and something of the volume empire line type, and just put on a nice pendant or earrings, and some nice makeup and start to feel a bit better. Oh and eat some chocolate

Do NOT resort to the tracksuit bottoms - they are awful and will make you look and feel even worse.

BoysAreLikeZombies Sat 18-Oct-08 13:44:23

oooh good advice jewels

TheRealMrsJohnSimm Sat 18-Oct-08 20:51:22

I felt like this - particularly as we are skint and no sign of any clothes shopping this side of 2009! First of all, went thru all my shit clothes in stringent Trinny fashion and have either ebay-ed/charity shopped or binned clothes that have not worn in donkeys years/never fitted/suited me in the first place etc. Has reduced the stress of staring at open wardrobe/cupboards bemoaning "I've got loads of clothes nothing to sodding wear because they all look shite on me" Then spent hours going over catalogues/online stores/magazines etc trying to identify what I did like and.....bugger me.....if I don't have most of those things in my wardrobe....only not the way I have got used to wearing them . So sometimes you just need to take a fresh look at what you have.

Totally agree with Jewels about make up and jewellery. Whenever I feel crappy the temptation is to slob out in tracksuit bottoms and unwashed hair but really, a quick shower and a bit of slap makes me feel better even if I am not exactly Kate Moss in the style stakes.

mother2daughters Sat 18-Oct-08 23:54:37

i just pinch my daughters

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