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oh joy ! Snowcake is back at Lush...

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MorticiaAnnSpookington Fri 17-Oct-08 14:28:38

it's like washing with marzipan...

MorticiaAnnSpookington Fri 17-Oct-08 14:40:56

come now, surely there are snowcake fans here ?

buttercreamfrosting Fri 17-Oct-08 14:44:15

Me!! I buy loads of it and use it all sparingly before the following christmas smile

MorticiaAnnSpookington Fri 17-Oct-08 14:49:03

hooray, I bought a big piece today...

buttercreamfrosting Fri 17-Oct-08 14:55:50

envy can't get mine until next weekend...
mmmmm, I can almost smell it now...

MorticiaAnnSpookington Fri 17-Oct-08 14:58:36

have cut off a bit to give my friend to try - we were discussing Lush and the fact that a lot of the stuff smells not very nice...this is the exception

MorticiaAnnSpookington Fri 17-Oct-08 23:38:40

bumping this for late night fans

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