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Where can I get matching bra tops & knickers for an 11yo (not pink)

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KatyMac Fri 17-Oct-08 12:00:01

I bought some lovely blue & white (almost nautical) ones from vertboudet a couple of years ago

Are there any nice ones around?

herbietea Fri 17-Oct-08 12:03:47

Message withdrawn

littleboo Fri 17-Oct-08 12:06:11

try new look, they have some fun ones or M&S in their angel range

KatyMac Fri 17-Oct-08 12:10:11

They are a bit too bra-y herbietea

Marks seems OK - I am struggling to get non pink ones that match Thanks Littleboo

cremolafoam Fri 17-Oct-08 12:12:30

Tesco do two bra tops in black or white- more like a crop top so more comfortable that a thing with wire in.Primark also do sport bras in small sizes which dd likes.

KatyMac Fri 17-Oct-08 12:13:16

Ah is it a crop top I am looking for

I will have another look

singyswife Fri 17-Oct-08 12:14:15

My dd's have sets, I will go look at the labels.

herbietea Fri 17-Oct-08 12:15:08

Message withdrawn

singyswife Fri 17-Oct-08 12:16:23

Just ran upstiars with my twisted ankle to check Matalan and Ethel Austin. I have also go them in the past from Poundland.

KatyMac Fri 17-Oct-08 12:17:51



I will have a look

singyswife Fri 17-Oct-08 12:18:19

No problems.

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